How I found out I was pregnant… Pt.2


Now that yall know how I found out about Baby P, let’s move onto how I told Bryan…


Discovering Penelope Joyce – Daddy Edition

Originally, when I first started dating my husband, he was not expecting to get married, have kids or any of that! Fast forward 4-5 years and here we are, married, we bought a home, own our cars and now are expecting a little baby girl. Insaaaane! If you told us this five years ago, we both probably would’ve laughed, said “yaaaaaaaaaaa oookay” and then told you to shut-up and have a shot with us as we drank and then proceeded to venture out to downtown to get more shots.

Okay, so we know my part of the pregnancy situation… let’s fast forward to 2-3 weeks later when Bryan is coming home. So he was scheduled to fly in, but not into Orlando so he was going to have to drive from Ft. Lauderdale or wherever and then he would meet me at home. All day, I was preparing for his arrival, making sure the house was nice and perfect and clean, all the yummy candles lit (he loves when the house smells like cookies when he comes home), and a present was ready for him. It was just before Halloween because the card I bought him was a Halloween card but it was totally relevant to the situation.

The card had Frankenstein at a dinner table, and the bride of Frankenstein was coming to serve him some food on a platter. On the platter was a human head. On the inside of the card it said, “I thought I’d give you a little head..” It was supposed to be a naughty card, but I wrote on the bottom of that line, “but really…”

I thought it was relevant and hilarious because well I was making a little baby, who would have a little head, so I wasn’t lying!! LOL, he wasn’t as amused.

So Bryan FINALLY gets home at like 5 or 6 pm, and I am antsy as ever just sitting on the couch waiting for him. The camera is all charged and ready to take a video! I set up his gift which was the 2 of the 6 tests I took, placed neatly in a Ziploc bag to avoid pee from going everywhere, and a onesie from Target that had a fox on it that said “Love Bandit.” I was sooo nervous and excited. I honestly had NO freaking idea how he was going to handle the news. I knew that his feelings on kids had changed and that he was eager to get a family started but we weren’t planning on it this soon.

Okay okay, so he walks in… immediately I wanna kiss and cry and hug him all at once. I am holding back all of the emotions so I don’t blow my cover, but it was REALLY REALLY HARD. Anywho, he walks in and we greet each other and I ask how the drive was and he was talking about something (rain or something I don’t remember I was too excited) and then I told him to open his welcome back/Halloween gift! As he walks over to the gift, I scream at him “Waaaait I wanna videotape it! I want film it!!” This was not strange to him at all, because I film and document EVERYTHING and anything because moments and memories (even small ones) are extremely important to me and I want to make sure I can remember ALL of em. So I get the camera going and he starts opening the gift, first he reads the card.. he chuckles but he is not really amused and plus he didn’t understand the whole “little head” thing. Then he grabs the pee-pee tests, and he starts unrolling the tissue paper that I had the Ziploc bag wrapped in.

BAM! He see’s them. His first words were “fuck dude.”

Yep, Penelope if you ever read this baby, your daddy’s first words when he realized you were coming were curse words. Any who…. he then proceeds to open the onesie and well that’s it! So I’m super glad that you guys took the time to read all of that but I’ve also attached a video of it below. Ignore me baby talking my kitties, and randomly meowing in the video… I’m weird I know.

Like I said, we never thought we would be pregnant this soon. However, we are so incredibly happy, excited and overall head over heels in love with this little baby! We can’t wait to meet you little lady. Love mama and daddy. Thanks for reading friends.







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