How I found out I was pregnant… Pt.1

Pre-Penelope Bod
Pre-Penelope Body!


Here I am at 33 weeks pregnant, third trimester, on my final countdown towards having my wonderful, precious baby girl. As I sit here, hot, her ass sticking out of my left side (causing me to have a cone belly) and just overall uncomfortable… I appreciate and feel so blessed to have the ability to carry my baby, and to not have any complications thus far, and to feel her move all the time. I’m so lucky to have this journey and I want to share with you all how it got started. I mean, I’m not going to explain the dirty deeds or anything but how I found out about Penelope and how I told Bryan (the hubs) and then how we shared with family and friends.


HEADS UP: It’s a lot of reading.


Discovering Penelope Joyce – Mama’s edition

I remember it had been a long week at work, and I was stressed out all week because the hubby was scheduled to leave the country for business, that Thursday for 2-3 weeks. I was already upset, grumpy and just dreading the weekend. We also had just had a gang of family leave (couple weeks back) and I remember feeling extra fluffy and really holding tons of water and confused on why I couldn’t shake this water weight. So skip to Thursday, hubby left for his super awful work trip, which btw he was in a country where facetime and phone calls were non-existent and I could maybe just facebook message him here and there. SUPER terrible. So he leaves, and I am just pitifully trudging on till Friday to get through the week. Friday finally arrives and I’m home from work, I’m pissy and ready to hermit crab it up all weekend. Since we had a whole bunch of family come in, we had a whole bunch of boozy booze still leftover in the fridge and I thought “Well I’ll just have an awesome Anna Pity party, and have a couple relaxing drinks!”

But then…

For some strange, odd reason I had a gut feeling in my belly telling me “WAIT.” It was such a weird feeling, like a part of me knew something was up and I probably should just wait a second before having a “tea-party” by myself. I can’t quite explain what the feeling was, other than a gut feeling that said: Just to be safe, take a pregnancy test, and when it’s negative you can drink aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll of the booze. Easy enough! I thought to myself, I will just go quickly and pee on the damn stick, wait 2-3 min or whatevs and then I can party by myself and the cats. So I paused on the fun time, and went upstairs and grabbed a preggo test. Side note: We randomly have some just incase because I wasn’t so consistent with my birth control and we would like to be prepared and already have a test avail in the home… so we always tend to have at least a box. Anyways, I was trying to think back on the last time we had sexy time (which we had done, a lot) so who knows, but I also knew that I was NOT on birth control since my bodybuilding competition.

Another side note: I competed in my Bikini competition on July 25, and had been prepping for this show since March-April ish. Because of that show, I had been on so many different kinds of supplements, fat burners, and just overall PILLS to include my birth control, that when my show ended, I wanted to completely detox my body of all of that and just stop all pill taking. Now granted, all these pills were helpful, natural and good for me obtaining my dream physique, I felt my body needed a break after my show. So that is the reason why I was NOT on birth control and honestly, we knew the risk of not being on birth control even if it was only for a dang week!

Later on, the doc told us we conceived little miss P-pot just 1.5 weeks after I stopped taking my birth control. Holy crap. For some people it takes months and even years for their hormones to regulate back out, but not us man, we got insta-pregnant.

BACK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY, I peed on the stinkin stick then decided to lay in bed and wait, so I scrolled through some Instagram and Facebooks and just waited away. I think 10 minutes had went by and I thought hm I should check that test! I got up and went over to the test….


Well I didn’t shit, but I did say shit. It was very very very faintly positive. What the heck does that mean!? I mean I saw a line but it was soo light I wasn’t sure if that was a false-positive, was I dehydrated, was my test expired?? So confusing. Goddamnit. I wanted to just have a nice little beer and I couldn’t do that now because I could POSSIBLY be hosting a little human and well shit.

So here’s where I panicked… I googled what a light, faint line might mean and everywhere I looked said “if you see ANY sort of line, even the faintest of the faint, you probably are pregnant”


Thanks google, now I’m in a panic and I decide well this test must be defective, so I went to the grocery store and bought 2 more boxes. I wanted variety and I wanted to make sure they all said positive! I also read that peeing on the stick first thing in the morning, right as you wake up was the best way to get the most accurate results. So off I went, bought the boxes of pee pee tests, did not get to enjoy any alcohol (which I was legitimately sad about) and waited till the morning. I slept pretty good, almost forgot about what was going on till I woke up the next morning. Good morning Saturday.. it was so empty in the house, just me and the baby cats, and the possible idea that there might be a little human inside my stomach. I jumped up! I remembered I had pee to give to all the pee tests I bought, I took a total of 6 tests, and sure enough…  all of them were positive. The lines were dark, bold, and definitely pregnant.


I sat there in my bathroom, in complete shock, and started to cry hysterically. I was crying because I was so happy, excited, scared and nervous but so incredibly sad that my husband was gone and could not experience this moment with me. How was I supposed to tell him? I couldn’t tell him over a text… I couldn’t even call him! What a dang disaster….so what did I do? I went back to bed. I went to sleep and didn’t wake up till like 2 or 3pm and then when I woke up I thought to myself, “well I probably should adult today or get more info about the situation I’m in…”

So I googled lol. I googled, pinterested and read for hours about pregnancy. I didn’t quite know what I had got myself into, and I wanted to have more info. Slowly and slowly I became more and more excited, it was my little secret, and I was excited to have this little miracle. I finally got to talk to Bryan that night for a short amount of time, and it killlllleed me not being able to tell him. It’s the worst, you have a really amazing, spectacular detail that you want to share but can’t…. gah it was so bad. I was fighting the urge every second. Just tell him, just do it! Nooooo don’t, make it something special, wait till he get’s home so you can see his reaction! So I kept quiet. I couldn’t tell a soul, it was me and baby’s little secret. That night I went back to the grocery store and bought pre-natals, vitamins, and iron to help with all this new development that little baby needed. I also, decided that on Monday I was going to go into the clinic on base and make sure I got my blood drawn to confirm this pregnancy.

Monday rolls around and I call the clinic, I’m also trying to be super stealthy and quiet and I finally get to the appointment people and I let them know in a quiet whisper “I think I’m pregnant, what do I do now”

LOL what a mess, the poor nurse laughed at me a little and then said “All you have to do is come in to lab, and we will take your blood and we will provide you with results.” Easy. Didn’t even have to make an appointment! Just have to walk in, do my blood test and wait for the results. So that’s what I did, and the results weren’t instant. The lab tech said I would know by the end of the week. Although that week would seem like a long time to some, I knew I was pretty much knocked up and so the wait wasn’t a big deal (so I thought). Thursday came around, and I was driving home from work and had just pulled into my driveway. I remember thinking what perfect time for my phone to ring, because I can just answer it and not worry about being a douche on their phone while driving. Anyways, the nicest lady was on the other end and she introduced herself, Karen from Tricare and she immediately started off with my options, what the next steps are and what I needed to get taken care of from here.

Woah woah woah Karen, let’s take it back a few steps…
Me: “Ma’am? I’m sorry, I haven’t even received my results for my pregnancy test quiet yet”
Karen: “Oh! You haven’t? Oh. Well congratulations!! You are definitely pregnant!”
Me: “Shit.”

Although I knew I was pregnant, just hearing somebody else say it and confirm it, made it so much more official. I continued my conversation with Karen, got my to-do list set, and now to figure out how I would tell daddy!

Here I am that Saturday after I got my positive pregnancy tests! Had to start early on the progress pictures of course!!

Saturday after positive pregnancy test

Also, super gross but super relevant… I still to this day (it’s March 2016) have two of the original pregnancy tests I took on that Friday.




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