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Baby Bellies


Throughout my pregnancy, I’m not going to lie… I’ve had a real struggle with my body image and how I feel about this transformation. It’s tough! It is a drastic change to a woman’s body, and some women handle it very well!! I am not one of those women.

Now dont get me wrong here… I am so incredibly happy and feel so lucky to be pregnant and to be where we are. We have a healthy, kicky, little girl and I would never change a damn thing! I would never ever change where I’m at.


I do go through my moments where I am just not happy with how I feel, what I see when I look down (more so like what I dont see *cough cough my vagina*), new dimples, new rolls… My extra huge hoodies and tops are now barely covering my belly and are just TOO TIGHT. It can be tough! Really really tough, and I get that. I find myself comparing my bump to other bumps…. Dumb dumb dumb. I would never do that prior to pregnancy. For example, I would never ever compare my body to someone else’s because we all have different body types, goals, habits, blah blah… So why am I doing it with my bump? Because I’m an emotional wreck and just plain dumb right now lol.

Sometimes I catch myself on Instagram, Fb, YouTube and other various things and I sit there like “wtf how is her bump so little, how are her obliques still showing? How is her ass still so plump? Wtfffffff”

dumb. Everybody is different, everybody’s pregnancy is different, our bodies do different things for our little growing babes! So here’s my advice to any other new mamas, my advice to myself and/or just my tid bit:

Everbodys baby bellies are different! Don’t compare yourself to other bellys, your belly is perfect! It’s perfect for you and your baby! I’ve seen the skinniest of skinnies with a huge fucking belly, and they look damn good and feel great because they know they have a healthy happy little baby in there. Then you have other women who don’t grow huge bumps at all, you’re fine! Your little bump counts just as much as any other bump! If your baby is healthy, that’s all that matters, and who the f cares if your bump isn’t as big as other women… That doesn’t make you any less preggy! All bumps are cool, your little one, your big one, my crooked ass one (thanks P for making mama look cone-bellied). We are housing miracles and as much as I try to dislike my body right now, I’m learning to appreciate my bump and not compare it to others! It’s a learning process and I’m new to this game too…

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super grainy photo sorry!

Anywho, this was just a thought that turned into word vomit. I hope I didn’t offend anyone and I hope you all get what I’m saying. Night y’all! ✌🏽️