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Penelope’s Nursery

Well it’s about god damn time.

Yes I know, we took forever, and quite honestly… we aint even done! I still want to buy some little pieces here and there I think (like a tee-pee, a glider maybe, a toy box) but for now she’s good. Nursery’s are bizarre to me anyways, because she literally will not even be in there for the first six months of her life! We aren’t co-sleeping exactly, but her bassinet is in our room next to our bed, and I intend on her sleeping in that for at least the first 3-6 months of her life. Eventually, we plan on transitioning her to her crib. It just feels soooo far from my bedroom!

DISCLAIMER: I am not an interior designer, I don’t know angles or if certain colors accent others, or if this vase looks better and opens the room to look brighter. I am just a mama trying to make a comfortable, cozy space for my little one so don’t judge me or dog on my style! 🙂

Any who let’s get started.

PJ's nursery 7

When you first walk into P’s room, you are greeted with these two wonderful works of art that Mama painted for her. I didn’t actually love them but the husband approved and said they looked good so we went ahead and put them up. Warning you now… there is A SHIT TON of Fox stuff. Duh. That’s our last name, of course there is! Anyways, we also have our nest cam which is her baby monitor and that thing is badass. If you haven’t bought a baby monitor yet, I personally suggest this one. It’s easy, on all our devices, records, you can talk through it, and it’s NEST. Come on people. It’s badass and we don’t have to lug around a little monitor thingy, we just use our iPhones or iPads. You can make it super secure and lock it down too so you don’t have random creepies hacking into your monitor.

PJ's nursery 6

Next, when you turn to the left you see this view. This is pretty much a large view of her entire room. She has the smallest room in the house, well because, she is the smallest one in the house. Originally, we were going to make her room an office but obviously that didn’t happen. So the theme of her room was April Showers brings May Flowers. Cute right?? I thought so. Since she is supposed to be a May baby, I thought it was appropriate. You can’t quite see it yet but there is a raincloud mobile on one side of her room and then the flower’s blooming on the other side. I tried to keep the colors pretty neutral because originally when we started decorating we didn’t realize she was a she, but I love the colors and I would’ve never went with a pink room anyways. I like pink, but little bits of it, and I totally was NOT going to have a bubblegum pink room for my girl. If she decides she wants that later in life…. we can discuss it, maybe, MAYBE.

PJ's nursery 4

Here is a better view of her crib. We got a woodland-fox-forests type of bedding, thinking that was pretty gender neutral and we just went along with it. Luckily, her room is pretty nature-y so it works well I think. The crib was an awesome buy at Babies R’ Us, it’s this one, and we love it. We wanted something with a changing table to help save space because her room is so small. In the corner over there is our diaper genie but y’all don’t wanna see that 🙂 The random animals on the wall are thanks to Daddy. He saw them at Babies R’ Us and just picked up all the ones he liked and decided that they will be hung in her room regardless if they go with anything. I like them though, very animal-y and nature-y. It works for us.

PJ's nursery 2

Over the right here is her initials. Penelope Joyce. Super cute letters I found at Hobby Lobby I think! I am pretty sure. Then I got these super cute canvas art pieces at……….. you will never guess…….. Bed, Bath and Beyond! Yep! ALSO, they were on sale so I got them for like $5 or $10 bucks!! I couldn’t believe it, and it totally goes with her theme (April Showers brings May Flowers).

SO CUTE I know. 

Next, we have this 9 cube thingy. You’ll see it in better detail below but on the top I just have a baby blanket, her stuffed fox, a picture that says “mom+dad=me”, some of her hair bows, some of her sunglasses and lastly a little lamb wearing one of her tu-tus.

PJ's nursery 3

Here’s a better view of her cubey thingy. In that first cube set I have her boppy, a knitted blanket from our second parents (love love love), diapers (that entire cube is filled with diapers), a fox piggy bank and a little wooden fox that one of the hubby’s best friend snagged in Germany. In the next row we have her little Golden books, shoes, and the rest of her books (mainly Dr. Seuss). In the bottom row we have stuffed animals, toys, and more diapers. This cube storage thing is amazing and is a cute way to display and hide random shit. I love it!

PJ's nursery 5

Finally, to wrap it back around we have her closet and her raincloud mobile and flower wreath. Super simple and super cute.

Also, just for fun I’ll show you her closet. Currently, I can only fit 0-3 months clothing in here, and we are storing other clothes in another room because we haven’t bought her a dresser yet. Like I said, work in progress.

PJ's nursery 9PJ's nursery 8

Yah so we have a lot of diapers so far. That’s because of all our siblings, one set coupons and gave us probably 10 trash bags worth of diapers, and the others rolled a million diapers for our diaper castle at our baby shower. Best Auntie’s and Uncles ever!! Oh yah, clothes… so this is just 0-3 month stuff that I could fit in her closet now so it’s more summery things and then I’ll try to swap it out later. She’s literally got so many outfits but we just can’t fit it all in this closet. Once we get a dresser it’ll be better, but that’s it y’all. That’s PJ’s nursery and I am so in love! It’s open, beautiful, clean and just everything I wanted. It’s not super girly and yet still girly! Let me know what you guys think? Hope you enjoyed it. I am SO GLAD to have her room done, now I can freaking relax lol….. right?

Love y’all,




4 thoughts on “Penelope’s Nursery

  1. Adorable! I love the organizer in the closet. Such a smart idea for the onesies. We are going to do a little cube organizer thing in the closet for random essentials that I want out of the way during the day.

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