Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 38 weeks

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38 week bump!

Whaaaaat. We are at 38 weeks? Yes, it’s true, I’m still pregnant. So let’s get onto the bump date. Clearly, my natural inducing methods aren’t working lol.

How far along? If you were confused, we are 38 weeks pregnant today! Holy cow. I’ve been pregnant for 266 days yall. That’s almost 300 whole days. Where has the time gone? Penelope Joyce officially has 13 days till her due date. Come on baby!

Size of Baby Fox: Leek, winter melon, spaghetti squash.

Gender: Lady!

Weight Gain: Honestly, I haven’t even been weighing myself lately. I just don’t care anymore lol. I am so close to the end that my focus is on a healthy, easy, smooth labor and not about how much weight I am putting on. I’m sure it’s within a pound or two, so I am guessing 32 or 33+lb increase? I have a doc appt today… so we will see.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new…… but sooo dang close to regular clothes. I am so excited!

Stretch Marks: Same ol lame ol.

Cravings: Pineapples. Taco bell. My cravings have pretty much smoothed out I think… oh wait, I did make Bryan stop at Wendy’s the other night for a Frosty.

Anything make you sick or queasy? Nope!

Miss anything: Not currently, but lately I have been really sensitive about my bump. So weird right? Some days I love it and other days I can’t stand having this big ol belly. I just am starting to realize that my baby is about to be here and not in my belly anymore and for some reason I am scared I will miss it. I’ve been taking tons of photos lately just showing my bump because soon it will be gone (it better freakin be). I just want to make sure I enjoy every last day of this pregnancy because who knows when I’ll be preggie again. The hubby says next year…. oh buddy, he is so wrong.

Labor signs: BH contractions I believe, nothing is consistent and nothing HURTS. It’s uncomfortable at times but that’s all. No bloody show or mucus plug or anything yet. Just waiting….

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy/Moody/Sad? Happy, Excited, Anxious, Nervous, Ready!? I’m feeling great these last couple of days and weeks regarding my mood… my body is a different story but my mood is overall okay. Like I said, I am just trying to enjoy these last couple of weeks of pregnancy because I know it’s all about to be over.

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Trying to still look cute 9 months preggie

Looking forward to: Meeting this little lady!! Any day!!

Belly button in or out: Out.

Nursery: DONE. Yep, you heard me ladies and gentlemen. DONE. We have finally finished her nursery (sorta), at least enough to where it looks complete and can be displayed and shown to other humans. There will be a nursery post coming REALLY SOON, I pinky promise!

Movement: Still wiggly. However, I have noticed a slight decrease in her movements. She doesn’t really have the room to move anymore so she kinda just snuggles up to mama and occasionally I feel a leg swipe or hiccups.

Symptoms: Still peeing all the time, lower pelvic pressure, slight slight back pain like twice, and at night some days I just feel plain exhausted. For example, last night I was so tired for no reason. My body felt as if I had ran around all day but in all actuality  we just worked on her nursery. I was so tired I didn’t even want to get off the couch to make dinner but I was so starving…. it was a huge dilemma. I just wanted to sleep and skip dinner but then the husband would die.

Also, I have definitely noticed a drop in my belly. She is slowly but surely making her way down which is so exciting! Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks vs today at 38 weeks. Notice the belly drop!?!?!

33 vs 38

Sleep: Meh. Not good not bad. I am ready to sleep like a vampire on my back with my arms crossed again. Soooo cloooooose.

Exercise: Pretty okay! This last weekend I had a great workout, I did the stairs for 30 minutes, lifted for 20ish, then walked on the treadmill for another 30 minutes! Go me! Then on Monday, we had pt so I walked almost 1.5 miles at a brisk pace around the track. Tomorrow, I intend on trying the stairmaster again…. no promises.

Best moment this week: Tons! Getting her nursery done, finishing up final things such as setting up her cord blood kit, placenta things and finally getting a date night with my hubby.


That’s all I have for this week guys. Hopefully this is our last bumpdate….. we will see what the little one decides. Anyways, have a great rest of the week and stay close for a nursery post soon!





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