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Inducing Labor “naturally”

Hello loves! Hope everybody is having a great weekend!! We are… I was complaining earlier in the week about how my husband was planning on getting shitty (wasted) for his “last” weekend, and surprisingly he fixed that and decided to take me on a date Saturday and shop with me all day today!! He’s the best. Seriously, good job husband.

Also, I bitch and complain a lot apparently.

Any who, I was going to wait to write this post till we had Penelope but I am scared if I wait, I will just never get it out. So here I am, enjoying my tea, waiting for GoT to come on at 9pm. Anybody else suuuuper excited?! Hell yes.

Okay, so back to the reason of this post. I’m probably going to get a lot of criticism and feedback regarding this post and well that’s just fine. I’ve committed to being 100% honest to everyone and that is exactly what I’m going to do! I am not sugar coating and I will not hide anything just because people disagree. I know people have their opinions and their own ideas and thats totally cool. Anyways, here it is, this is what is going on, why I’m doing it, and well just me blabbering about what I’m doing. I know there are some mama’s out there that are so totally against inducing labor and have already advised me to take it easy, give the baby time, just be patient.

Yes yes yes, I appreciate all of your advice and loves. However, I am the worst pregnant girl ever, also, I talked to my doc and she has told me “Just make it to 37 weeks lady and then whatever you wanna try (as long as it’s not castor oil) go ahead and try it”

YAY! I got the okay from the doc! SO to CALM EVERYONE’s souls down… I CAN say that I did not try any of these natural methods until I hit 37 weeks pregnant. I waited till she was considered full term (by my doc) and then tried everything. So what did I try???

1. Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Literally, the night I hit 37 weeks I cracked open that raspberry leaf tea box and started  drinking a glass of tea. I originally started with 1 tea bag, 8 oz of water (I only know that because of my Keurig), and some good ol’ local wild flower honey. It really has no taste to me, I just taste the honey mostly but I also have weird taste buds I suppose. It’s not bad though so I enjoy a glass almost every night. For the last two nights I have started to use 2 tea bags and 10 oz of water. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ve read that it has some amazing benefits. Some include:

  • better blood circulation
  • reduces complications
  • improves milk supply
  • shorter labor (hell to the f yes)


2. Fresh Pineapples

Apparently, pineapples are supposed to help induce labor. Luckily for me, I love the shit out of some pineapples. I love anything sour and that has acidity like lemons, limes, anything like that! YUMM-O. So pineapples are supposed to have some sort of enzyme that softens your cervix. Cool, soften away while I enjoy the crap out of these pineapples. Another cool thing is that the hubby and I have been picking up gardening and we decided to try and grow a pineapple plant so that was a win-win for both of us. He could plant my pineapple and I could eat ALL da pineapples! Yay! I’ve also heard that you have eat 7 pineapples for this to work? Well I’ve eaten 2. Meh, we’ll see.

Side note: do y’all know how to pick a ripe pineapple? Fun fact, smell the bottom. If it smells super sweet and juicy like pineapple juice it’s probably good. Try to get the sweetest smelling one.

So ripe and juicy! This was my first one!
Still good, but not as good as #1.

3. Evening Primrose Oil

Ha. So this is fun.

So originally, I thought, because you know I’m such a brilliant person and everything I think is totally smart and right all the time……….

I thought that buying the actual OIL not the capsules would be way smarter. I was expecting my husband to massage the oil all up in my lady parts (because you know he totally wanted to do that) and that method was smarter than inserting and ingesting capsules. For some odd reason, I felt like ingesting/inserting capsules wasn’t safe. Well at my last appointment, I asked the doc what she thought and she was totally cool with inserting AND ingesting the capsules. She recommended taking 1-2 orally in the morning and then I could do another round during the middle of the day, then at night poking one capsule with a needle and inserting it into my kitty-kat. Say whaaaa? So I haven’t done that yet… I literally just bought the capsules TODAY and I have taken 2 with a side bite of pineapples, and tonight I will try to insert one of these bad boys. TMI? Uh #sorrynotsorry.

Plus, I think the hubby will be much more happy with this method. Lololol have you guys seen what a perineum massage is? Google that shit. My poor husband was traumatized, and it was awkward for everybody… and messy. Absolutely not sexy and I think he felt more violated than me. Google it, then everybody tell Bryan how great of a husband he is. Poor guy.


4. Dates

Grrrrroooooossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Omglob. Gross.

Dates are so gross to me y’all. They are super sweet, look like dried up cockroaches, and are just sticky and gross. Bleh. So apparently, eating 6 dates a day is supposed to help dilation, make labor start sooner, and make labor shorter! So I went out, got some dates, and when I first got them, I could only eat 1-2 a day. They were just so horrible to me (but other people love them!!!) and I refused to eat more than 2. Lately, I have been able to just quickly eat all 6. I am really proud of myself, but they are still gross and I hate them.

Side effect: they make me poo a lot. I mean that’s cool I guess, but god, dates are just fucking gross. I had to start eating them at home because I get stage fright at work and just feel more comfortable with my poo-purri at home and my OWN toilet.


5. Labor Inducing Cookies

Okay, so this is a pinterest thing. I partially wanted cookies/partially was looking at inducing labor things. Somehow I stumbled upon this gingersnap labor inducing cooking recipe and I felt very bake-y so I decided to make these bad boys. They have a crap ton of ginger, cayenne pepper, and spices that are supposed to start labor I guess? I’m not sure but they are freaking yummy, and if you like gingersnaps then it’s a win. Also, the house smells like Christmas while your baking. Yaaaaaaay!

Processed with PICSPLAY

6. Walking/Squats/Stairs/Overall being active

This is a no brainer. I’ve already been trying to stay up on my fitness this entire pregnancy which I feel like I did, I would give myself a A- or B+. This is supposed to help get the baby down and get her in the right position. I tried the stair master for the first time this weekend, and it went well! I think I will be doing more of that. I also have been doing 25 squats everytime I go pee. It’s been working but I usually feel like I have pee afterwards again. wth.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Gym Selfie

7. Acupressure

This one I’ve been slacking on. I think I have done it 2 whole times for 2 whole minutes. There are supposed to be certain pressure points that you can massage and it can help induce labor. I’ve played with my hands and had Bryan massage/poke the dimple above my right butt cheek… but that’s it. I don’t know if this works, I haven’t really been dedicated to this.

8. Bouncing on birthing ball

Ha! Yes. My friends at work can vouch for me on this one. I try to bounce for at least 1-2 hrs a day at work. A co-worker has one at his desk and he lets me borrow it everyday! (He’s a real MVP) Anyways, I have been pretty consistent on this but at my last appointment the doctor noticed Penelope had switched sides… she is still head down but had moved to my right side. I wonder if that could be from all the bouncing? Either way, she is getting lower and lower. I have a birthing ball at home too, I just haven’t consistently sat down on it to bounce. I always have something to do at home.

9. Sweeping of Membranes

Sooooo I haven’t done this yet. The doc offered me this procedure at 39 weeks. I have heard it’s uncomfortable but if I make it to 39, I will most likely have this done. I will keep y’all updated.

10. Sex

Do it. People swear by this. The hubby just hasn’t given up the goods to me yet. I have to like wine and dine this guy. I swear, I think I’m to the point where I am just going to hold him down and it’s going to have to happen. I will update. Currently, it’s like the Sahara over here……


SO, we will see. We will see if any of these work or not. If they do, SWEET! If they don’t, that’s okay too. I always like trying these old wives tales, I think they are fun and what IF they could help you know? I’m not doing any of those crazy ones like castor oil (google that shit) or anything harmful so why not.

BTW’s: I asked my doc about castor oil, she said some people swear by it, and back in history that’s how doc’s induced labor but she said it just mostly gives ladies upset stomachs, diarrhea, and just makes you feel like shit. No thanks, I’m already scared to shit on my baby and then do skin-to-skin 🙂

Well that’s all for now friends, we will see if any of these work. Fingers crossed we have a baby soon! Have a great week and rest of your Sunday! Now almost GoT Time!!!!



2 thoughts on “Inducing Labor “naturally”

  1. Melatonin! I swear to effing god I took a quadruple dose and went into labor 6 hours later. A colleague of mine studies preterm labor and reducing melatonin (using blue light) is really effective so I thought I’d just reverse it and (although totally anecdotal) it worked!

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