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Placenta Encapsulation


Hello friends. Here we are again, just a nice little blog post about something super not nice (well at least to look at… for me). Todays topic is all about the bloody, gory, veiny mass called my freaking placenta. Have you ever seen a placenta??? I never had, before I got pregnant. Then one day I thought it would be smart to google what the hell a placenta was……….

dumb. CAPITOL D – U – M -B.

I was traumatized. Dude, a placenta is freaking intense if you’ve never seen one before. Now hear me out though, once you can get over the extreme outward appearance it has, and understand the reason for it, you can really appreciate that thingy and it does actually become beautiful…. but like beautiful as in “you have a phenomenal personality beautiful and you-do-so-many-remarkable-things-for-my-baby beautiful.” I still would rather not stare at google images of placentas all day. Personally, I am not so sure I even really wanna see mine when it comes out. I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

Any who, so let me start off by saying this post is MY OPINION, MY POINT OF VIEW, and just a little tid bit of info on why WE (the hubby and I) made the decision that I would ingest my placenta. Also, I’m not a doctor, if you were confused.

First, what is the dang placenta?

Well, from what I know, the placenta is an organ that exchanges nutrients, vitamins, poo, and blood back and forth from mama to baby. It’s pretty freaking important and makes sure that your little one gets what it needs to grow strong!

What do you mean ingest it? Like bbq? Steak-style?

No you sickos! What in the actual f.

Now don’t get me wrong, SOME people do ingest their placenta like that… or in little smoothies. Me though?? No way, couldn’t do it. We are having our placenta encapsulated. It is transformed and put into a pill form. No blood, no goo, no mess. Very sanitary and clean, and did I mention not bloody and sick!?

What the freak is that you speak of? (Placenta encapsulation)

Basically, we have teamed up with a company and once I go into labor I let them know and after labor is complete they come by and pick up my placenta in this “placenta cooler” with a “placenta thermometer” to make sure it doesn’t spoil (lol) and they whisk it away to their placenta workshop to do their magic!

At the placenta workshop, they examine it to make sure it’s all good to go, clean the blood, then slice it into thin pieces where they will begin to dehydrate it. Once it’s all dehydrated they ground it up into a powder and encapsulate it into pills. Then the pills are delivered to me and I take them till I run out! Easy peasy. Like a vitamin people!

Another cool thing our company does, for all the worriers and paranoid people, they offer to encapsulate it at your home. So you can store your own placenta in their placenta cooler and then the people will come to your home and show you how everything is done so you can make sure you got your own goods.

Why Anna? JUST WHY?

Alright, so let’s be honest here. Pregnancy was tough for me. Not physically tough, not painful, the appointments weren’t hard, the growing of a baby wasn’t hard, the not drinking wa….. well actually that part was tough… but I digress, the mental and emotional portion of pregnancy was hard for me. To be more specific, the weight gain and the body image part was freaking hard. I went from being in the best shape of my life to being well…. PREGNANT. Huge dude, I’m huge. I’ve had my moments of sadness, self-conscious, just overall feeling downright not sexy, not attractive not ANYTHING pretty. It sucked. It sucked a lot! I put a lot of pressure on myself to stay as fit as I could but sometimes it just didn’t happen. Now, knowing who I am, and how I think, I know I am going to be just as tough on myself to lose this baby weight. I have big goals, and dreams and I need to be as fit as possible both for me and Penny. Since I know who I am, and how hard I can be on myself, I am terrified about falling into postpartum depression. This is a very real, very common thing that MANY MANY mama’s go through, and it’s okay but if I can avoid it…. BEST BELIEVE IM GONNA.

I’ve read, been told, been advised, and educated myself about placenta encapsulation and how it can really help mama’s after the birth experience especially with postpartum. Now there isn’t any definite, concrete, proven-to-work-for-everybody medical evidence (I don’t think yet) but even if it COULD help, I am going to do whatever I can to make sure I take part in it. I really just want whats best for me and Penelope and this was something that had WAY too many pro’s over con’s. Other things it’s known for is an increase in oxytocin which I like to think of as the loving molecule. It’s just a little guy who helps mama love better, build a better bond with baby, be more happy, help with stress and fears, and finally just overall good for the body. Another proposed benefit of ingesting your placenta is an increase in milk production.

HELLO! Uh yus! I am going to try to breastfeed for 6mon-1 yr. We will see how that goes, but I know how important breastmilk and breastfeeding is for the little ones so anything to help my milk production and help get nutrients to my little P pot is golden for me!

Another couple of things is the restoration of iron for your blood, helps with swelling, helps with healing, bleeding, reducing the size of your uterus and so much more!! I highly recommend you do your own research and talk with your s/o and your doc! My doc was all for it and fully supported us which was really important to us! Our families were a little skeptical (probably still are…. lol) but it’s okay. We, as a husband and wife, have decided jointly that we want to do everything we can to make sure little babe gets all the healthy happiness good stuff she can get and that I recover as quickly/healthily/happily as possible.


I’m eating my placenta, because it’s good for me and my baby. Get over it.

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How me and P feel about all the negative Nancy’s out there.. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Placenta Encapsulation

  1. I love this post! I was freaked out about placentas from the beginning. I’m huge into research and I was that person who read and watched EVERYTHING but the placenta was the only part to make me sick just looking at it. Guess what?! As much of a pansy as I was I did say YES when asked if I wanted to see the placenta and I’m glad I did because like you stated that miracle organ kept baby alive and well. Now I didn’t do anything with my placenta but I know someone that did. I won’t give out her business but (at least in her case) the milk part was true! She’s a rockstar at producing milk 🙂 While it wasn’t my vitamin of choice I do appreciate hearing/ learning about others experiences and I look forward to your update after delivery.

    Also sorry this is so incredibly long…


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