Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 37 Weeks FULL TERM

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… what a week yall. It has been both stressful, emotional, long, crazy and just busy this last week. I have tons of updates both good and concerning (well at that moment, but it’s no longer anything to be worried about). Let me get started with the updates and then I’ll dig into what exactly happened this week.


Full term belly!!


How far along? 37 Weeks. We are officially FULL TERM PEOPLE. This baby is in the clear to come out ANY day now. You hear that P? Any day baby, mama wants to kiss that squishy face.

Size of Baby Fox: Swiss Chard, Winter melon and Beach ball.

Gender: Lady!

Weight Gain: Sitting at 32.2lb + weight gain. I’m pretty okay with that.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, I am desperately waiting to fit into my old clothes. I cannot waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!!!!!! I am so close to normal leggings.

Stretch Marks: Yes, little guys, but I’m not too worried. Still using my mederma, coconut oil, and lotions/creams.

Cravings: This week has been popsicles. I am loving popsicles all day, errday. This is not necessarily a craving, but I’ve been baking a lot and last night I made some yummy gingersnaps (they also happen to have labor inducing ingredients hehe, but they were soooooo yummy!)

Processed with PICSPLAY

labor cookies
Who doesn’t love gingersnaps!?


Anything make you sick or queasy? Nope, I think I’m outta that phase for good!

Miss anything: Lots. At 37 weeks, everything is getting so so tough. It’s becoming more and more difficult to do the simpler things such as just getting in and out of my car, put on socks, pick up ANYTHING that has dropped, rolling over, just any sort of movement is pretty much difficult. I miss be able to run up the stairs when I forgot something, stretch properly just to name a few.

Labor signs: Okay. So here’s our little story time. Get comfy, get some popcorn, or better… popsicles.

Last Tuesday, we had our normal 36 week checkup. Everything was good, they swabbed me for GBS or whatevs it’s called, and they said they were going to check my cervix. That is where I found out we were 1 cm dilated. Anywho, I totally should’ve known (and I kinda did) but I started to bleed that night and the next day and I was a little concerned so I told the husband. BIG MISTAKE. If yall don’t know my hubby, he is very very very protective of this little girl and anything that has to deal with her already. He was worried and suggested I called our doc just to make sure everything was okay. I knew it was probably because of my cervix being checked  but I wasn’t for sure. So we called… they said no worries it’s definitely because of that and since it was only a lil bit they said it wasn’t a big deal but if I was to continue bleeding or bleed like a period then to go to the hospital. The next day I stopped bleeding.

Fast forward to the weekend, Saturday morning I woke up at 6am because I had a volunteer thing I was supposed to go to at 830am, and my belly had been crampy and grumbly all night. So I got up, did my morning business and I felt a huge gush of water… well I WAS peeing too, but it felt like ALOT of liquid. It was enough liquid to make me concerned and confused on what just happened. Here comes BIG MISTAKE #2. My dumbass decides to wake the husband up and ask him what he thinks. First of all, he’s grumpy in the morning lol, secondly, he always says call the doc. So I did and that’s when we ended up in the hospital. What a mess. We both kind of had a feeling that I just couldn’t control my bladder and it was most likely just pee, but we weren’t sure! We are first time parents and we are freaked out about everything! Once we got to the hospital, I felt so bad. I apologized to the front desk lady, then the nurse, and I kept telling them I’m sorry if it’s not my water, we just really didn’t know what to do. Everybody so nice and assuring and kept telling me “You guys did the right thing, no worries, we will figure out whats going on” but I felt like a total newb and I know we looked crazy.

They sat me in the bed, hooked up my belly, and monitored P (who was such a dancy, rolly, baby lol so cute) and then they hooked me to this other thing which monitored my contractions! SO COOL. So like I said last week, I wasn’t sure if I was having Braxton hicks? I can’t tell because my belly always feels weird and tight. Well, this machine monitors and shows when you are having one and my mind was blown. I was having bh contractions this whole time! Thank god! I was nervous my body wasn’t prepping for this baby because that’s what the doc and nurses say “bh are practice contractions prepping your body for labor” and I always thought “wtf body get your shit together and start practicing! this is no time to procrastinate!”

Anywho, so they swabbed me and checked my cervix again. Bottom line: no it wasn’t my water, I’m still at 1cm, and I obviously have no idea what’s going on with my body. After that, I was pretty annoyed with myself. Called the doc twice in less than a week and took an unnecessary trip to the hospital…. what is going on…..

Bryan though, he was totally fine. He was so reassuring and kept telling me “we don’t know! it’s better to be safe, your body is doing something crazy and it’s amazing”

He might’ve not said it exactly in that order, but he always makes me feel better.

ALSO, I don’t know if I touched on it last week but having your cervix checked fucking hurts. Okay maybe not hurts but it’s VERY VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and it feels as if the doc is shoving their whole arm in your little kitty area. Goodness, I was not prepared for that. I had to breathe through it but once they checked and told me I was dilated, it was worth the pain.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Happy! I can’t believe we are finally full term. I’m ready!!

Looking forward to: Getting this little girl out, asap.

Belly button in or out: Out.

Nursery: Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss Girl!!!! It’s almost almost done! I cleaned up this weekend, organized her clothes, hung up things, washed everything, organized diapers, and now we just have two more things to hang and we are done!! It’s clean open, simple and almost ready for it’s own little photoshoot. I can’t wait to share with yall.

Movement: She’s wiggly when she wants to be, but super still when people wanna love on the belly. Typical.

Symptoms: A lot has changed.

One of the new developments of this week was my CONSTANT, and I mean every 10-20-30 minutes of peeing. This week I have noticed a very obvious change in the frequency of  “I gotta go pee.” I mean I literally pee before I leave somewhere, then on my drive to wherever I am going, I have to pee! Currently, I am able to breathe through it, focus on something else, or just squeeeeeze really tight to avoid peeing myself. However, I am pretty sure that my ability to hold it is going to go away very soon! Baby P will move or adjust her body and then I’m suddenly like “oh god, here it goes, I’m about to pee in my car, in my drivers seat, in my pants… can’t even hide this… this is going to happen…” Then she’ll shift again and I can hold it.

With pregnancy you hear a lot about how much you have to pee, and yes I did increase in how frequently I pee, but it has NEVER been this whole every 10 minutes kinda thing. I think it’s because how big she is getting?? Idk, maybe I’m wrong but brb gotta pee…

Another new symptom I have developed this week is really lower belly, lower vag, lower everything pressure? It’s not pain (and I don’t even want to use the word p-a-i-n yet… because I feel like I will be in pain during labor, but not now) but it is extremely uncomfortable. Overall walking, sitting, getting into/out of a car, bending over to pick something up and any sort of movement kind of sucks right now. It’s just uncomfortable, annoying, this-doesn’t-feel-good type of pressure.

Sleep: Good, I’m sleepy and can sleep often but I find that it’s harder and harder for me to get comfortable at night. Duh, big ol belly.

Exercise: Less and less frequent, and the intensity has completely changed. For instance, today I just walked around the track, but I normally try to jog a lap then walk a lap and continue that pattern for 30ish min. Nope! There is no more jogging for this girl, I can’t trust my lady parts to not piss all over my pants now so I just took the safe route and walked my happy, wobbly ass around the track. I am hoping for some good workouts this week but we will see.

Best moment this week: Just getting everything organized and spending time with my friends and hubby.

Here’s this weeks random photo DUMP. I’ve been taking more and more pictures of the bump, I am scared I am going to miss it and not have enough documentation of it. So enjoy all these random bumpsies.




Because I can.

Love yall, hopefully we will have a baby soon. Fingers crossed, a girl can wish right!?




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