Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 35 Weeks!

35 Weeks
Big ol belly!

How far along? 35 weeks!! Whaaaat!? Only 5 little weeks to go. It’s insane to me how close we are getting. ONLY 34 days left till our due date!! Omglob I am too freaking excited to meet my sweet little lady.

Size of Baby Fox: Honeydew melon, coconut, or bunch of carrots.

Gender: Baby girl.

Weight Gain: Officially broke the 30+ weight gain. I knew it would happen, I have a huge baby, I like donuts and cake, and well I can’t exactly work out till I’m pouring sweat soooo yah. It’s not too bad though, I’m only at a 31.6 weight gain. The goal is to not go over 40…… I better fucking not, shit, that’s a lot of weight to lose.

Maternity Clothes: Been rocking the new nursing bras, totally not providing any sort of hot boobage or anything… but they are comfy, so that’s cool and I’m all about that comfort right now. Plus I wear a uniform 5 days a week so nobody is looking at my tits anyways!

Lately, I’ve just been rocking sweats.. and that’s fine with me. At least I’m dressed dude.


Stretch Marks: Yep little guys but they count. So I’ve invested in some Mederma. If you don’t know, Mederma is a lotion specifically for stretch marks and claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Mine are pretty tiny but I think they are starting to fade in color. I’ll keep you guys updated, also I’ll maybe post pics to show my progress…. MAYBE.

Cravings: Still seafood.

Anything make you sick or queasy? Nope.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my back, running without feeling like I have to pee, booze?

Labor signs: No. At our last appointment the doc was asking me about braxton hicks and I told her no I wasn’t getting any but I have been noticing more and more pressure in the lower belly. Little by little, everyday gets more and more uncomfortable. I wouldn’t necessarily call it pain but it’s just annoying dull pressure. As if her head is about to pop out, although I know it’s not.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Pretty good. I’m getting more and more excited.

Looking forward to: the weekend! This weekend we have a lot of plans with friends and just hanging out! I’m excited since it’ll be one of our last chances to hang with everyone pre-baby.

Belly button in or out: Outtie.

Nursery: Still absolutely wrecked. I honestly, probably won’t handle it this weekend either. I have a ton of crap to do and we are running out of time.

Movement: Pretty often. Instead of kicks, it’s more an arm scraping from side to side. Or it sometimes is a leg just pushing out on my skin (but it’s not like a brief, swift kick, it’s a constant I’m going to stick my leg out and stretch your skin mama) and it’s a tad bit annoying.

Symptoms: Sometimes, when I lay down, I feel as if I am suffocating. I don’t know, it’s weird and takes me a couple seconds to focus on my breathing but for those split seconds I feel as if I am legit being choked out. It kind of sucks. Also, my feet have been hurting more than usual. They aren’t swollen yet, they just feel as if I have walked miles and miles.

Sleep: Still sleepy all the time. We take naps almost daily 😀

Exercise: Meh. I work out on the weekends and my 3 days a week. It’s okay, but not anything interesting. I have noticed though recently, the more I run the more sore and achy I am getting now. Kind of stinks but I have to keep my cardio in check.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Bump looks tiny here… it’s the angle!
Bump looks huge… this is me completely sideways.

Best moment this week: Yesterday! My big brother and his wife came to visit and stayed at our place. They are moving to Florida and will only be 2 hrs away from Orlando! It’s amazing and we loveeeeee family time.

Another awesome thing we did this week was tour our second possible hospital. People have asked me why we have two hospitals we might go to and well it’s because I am a diva. Not really, but sorta. Sooooo originally, I was going to just go to the hospital that my OB recommended but halfway through my pregnancy, my provider changed hospitals they delivered at. The first original hospital is INCREDIBLY nice, brand new (they just opened it in Jan of this year!!!), it has huge private rooms and is just overall really nice. This will be the hospital we deliver at if Penny decides to come out before due date. If she decides she isn’t going to come out on time and I have to be induced or do a C-section then I will have to go to the hospital the provider changed to. Which hospital #2 is also amazing and just as nice! The perks of the second hospital is the giant tub that is in the labor and delivery room. Either way, we are totally set and we have a private room that is super nice. Both rooms have a huge tv and netflix so I’m pretty excited.

Finally, I learned that I am also an awesome cake baker. I have officially baked, iced and decorated a birthday cake that I was 100% proud of. It also tasted amazing and everybody loved it… or at least they told me they did 🙂


Hope you all have a great week, and we will chat next Tuesday, or Wednesday or whenever my lazy butt decides to create an update 🙂 Love you all.




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