Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 34 Weeks

Thank you Violet Joy Photography!



Good morning lovelies!

Did you all have a great Easter holiday?? I hope so. Ours was quiet and peaceful, the calm before the storm I’m sure. I loved seeing everybody’s Easter baskets, Easter Bunny photos and everything/anything kid related and everyone in their Sunday bests! Holidays really make me excited to have my little lady here so we can celebrate with her!

Have you noticed a layout change? I was looking for something a little cleaner, and more organized. Change is good right? Today we hit 34 weeks in this pregnancy. Things are movin and groovin’…. so on to the update.


How far along? 34 Weeks and we are officially 41 days till due date.

Size of Baby Fox: Cantaloupe or Butternut Squash.

Gender: Little lady still!

Weight Gain: According to the doctor’s office scale, I’ve broken 30lb+ buuuuuh to make me feel better, my scale still says 29.6+ increase.

Maternity Clothes: Same same, finally got some more nursing bras but the super comfy, sports bra type. Love them.

Stretch Marks: Yes (little ones) and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

Cravings: Seafood. Bad. Lots and lots of crab is all I wanna eat right now.

Anything make you sick or queasy? Not really.

Miss anything: The usual, yoga pants, working out and seeing results, margaritas…

Labor signs: Not at all. Which is weird. Apparently, I am supposed to be feeling Braxton Hicks (according to new dr. that I visited yesterday, because mine is honeymooning), but I’m not. I feel no tightening, cramps, back pain, any pain really. Next appt, we are going to do a cervical check  (oh yay…) to see if anything is happening. She doubts it though since I’ve had 0, zilch, nada, absolutely no bh contractions at all.



Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Overall pretty okay. Just getting impatient… already.

Looking forward to: Sleep? The end of today already? I am soooo sleepy friends.

Belly button in or out: Outtie.

Nursery: Wrecked. Just an absolute chaotic mess of presents, clothes, blankets, boxes, everything.

Movement: Lots. I love it. I love love feeling her wiggle and move although sometimes it can be uncomfortable but only for a few seconds.

Processed with PICSPLAY
Pretty happy!


Symptoms: None right now.

Sleep: I am becoming more and more sleepy but my ability to get comfortable is slowly fading. All I want is sleep……..

Exercise: Pretty okay. I didn’t get to workout at all last weekend, due to errands that needed to be taken care of. So Monday, I ran/walked 2.74 miles (I ran my first two laps, then walked a lap, then ran another, then walked… and I kept doing that till 2.74 miles). My calves were pretty tight at the end, but it felt good to do that. Today, I am sooo sleepy, tired and my body is just bleh. I want to do some yoga tonight but somehow I have misplaced my mat so……………… maybe that’s just an excuse, Idk I’m just feeling lazy today but hopefully I can hit some sort of exercise/physical activity every day this week.

Best moment this week: Got my breast pump! Pretty excited about that 🙂 I am not so sure WHY I’m excited, because I am nervous/terrified about breastfeeding (although I am determined to breastfeed till 6-12 months). It’s just an exciting feeling to think we have everything we need for Penelope. Now if I could get started on packing our hospital bags….

Also, it only took 3 days but we finally finished washing, folding, de-tagging, and organizing all of Penny’s 0-3 month clothes… sorta. We got the most of it, and because of that I’m pretty proud. We are slowly realizing though, that baby girl needs a walk in closet like her mama!

Little onesie, sooo cute!



Short and sweet this week. Love you all! Have a great week!




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