Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 32 Weeks and 1 day

32 weeks
32 weeks!



How far along? 32 Weeks and 1 whole day!!! 54 days left…. insaaaaane!

Size of Baby Fox: Jicama, Squash, Honeydew… She’s getting pretty round. Round is good!

Gender: The most perfect little princess ♀

Weight Gain: I am sitting at 142 but I weigh myself naked in my home. The doc’s scale is always +1-2 lbs because I’m clothed, shoes, and usually FULL AS HELL BLADDER.

This week my focus is back on my food (and hopefully more well-rounded meals, no cupcakes and shit) and fitness. I’ll talk more about my plan in the exercise portion. Anyways, currently I am looking at a 27+ weight gain…. yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. This is insane to me but my doc keeps assuring me, “oh well you were possibly underweight before the pregnancy”

Uh yah, totes. I was down to like 11% body fat and I weighed in at 99 lbs before my show! I was shredded lol 😀

Maternity Clothes: Same ol… I really do NOT want to invest any more money into maternity clothes unless it’s more maternity bras because those craps are comfortable as hell!

Stretch Marks: Yep. It has happened guys. I officially have 1 stretch mark. OFFICIALLY.

It’s tiny, it’s smaller than a dime, and I was horrified when I saw it. However, I’m over it! I really don’t mind, and it’s sooo tiny and miniscule it’s not even a big deal at all. Although I am still lathering myself to hopefully prevent more. My boobs on the otherhand, I haven’t seen any new ones but I did get a couple on my boobs as well. I probably am not going to update with a picture… the hubs would be pissed, also, my boobs are national geographic looking right now.

Cravings: I can’t really say I crave anything this week. I’m pretty content!

Anything make you sick or queasy? Neh.

Miss anything: Reaching shit. It’s getting harder and  harder to tie my shoes, wash my face over the sink, reaching cups in the top shelf, and getting out of recliners? My belly is getting so big it’s hard to crunch over (especially since I shouldn’t be crunching at all).

Labor signs: Nope, no Braxton hicks no nada!

Wedding rings on or off: On, snug as a bug, but on.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Haaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppy as a clam. We got to see our baby this week! I’ll explain more shortly!

Looking forward to: Everything? I don’t have one single event that I am looking forward to because well, we have something planned for almost every weekend till P’s arrival! I’m excited to be busy and keep my mind off of counting down.



Belly button in or out: Outtie officially. She kicked it out this last week, I swear it! I was feeling a lot of pressure near my belly button area and it was super sensitive and then before I knew I suddenly had an outtie. However, an hour prior to that I had my innie-outtie. She wanted to let me know she was almost done cooking I guess 🙂

Nursery: No updates, we are lazy and need to finish her room. I made a mess of it this last week trying to organize clothes and crap so it’s all over the place right now.

Movement: Yep! She’s a wiggly one, and knowing now she is head down I can tell these are leg kicks, and a wiggly butt!

Symptoms: Little bit of heartburn every now and then but that’s about it. Also, maybe I pee a lot more? I can’t really tell if that’s because I’m trying to stay more hydrated, or if it’s because she is sitting on my bladder.

Sleep: Slowly getting more and more annoying. I toss and turn and toss and turn. I wish I could just deeeeeeeeeeeeeeply sleep. Soon I hope… I hope.

Exercise: SO, since my exercise was so god awful and terrible last week and the week before, I had a rise in weight this doc appointment. My goal for these next two weeks are to actually workout consistenly… (as consistent as a preggo girl can be)

Monday was a run day, I ran about 1.6 miles and then walked till I hit about 2.5 miles and so that was a nice little workout. This morning I did some pre-natal third trimester kickboxing…. hilarious. I should’ve filmed it, but it was also severely embarrassing.

I’m hoping to keep up with my fitness to avoid any unnecessary weight gain. We will seeeeeeee.

Best moment this week:



We went in for our normal, bi weekly checkup on Monday. The usual, they get my weight, ask about baby movement, any pains, urine sample please… same ol same ol. Then our doc came in. She’s awesome, always so happy and so fun to talk to! Anywho, she went over my lab from last appointment which I apparently passed with flying colors! I have great blood pressure, no hiv, no diseases, AND I passed my glucose test perfectly! Yay!!! If you guys remember from last week I was terrified that I might not pass. I’ve heard ol wives tales of Asian women having a harder time of passing, and plus I’ve put on 27+ lbs because of this pregnancy, I was realllllly nervous. So then she was like okay lets hear baby’s heartbeat and see if she is head down. She was pretty sure P was head down but I practically BEGGED her for an ultrasound to confirm. Luckily for us, she is amazing, and our ultra-sound tech is also AMAZING and they agreed to do a really quick one.

The perfect little Fox nose


I was so incredibly happy I could cry! I couldn’t believe it, we were going to see our little baby girl again!!! The last time we had an ultrasound was at 20 weeks, so seeing her now was both shocking, amazing, and just absolutely everything!! Penelope is so fat, and lord does she have some cheeks. I swear she gets it from her daddy, but I know I had some fat fat cheeks when I was a baby too, so this poor girl was doomed from the get go. Anywho, she’s perfectly healthy, beautiful, chunky, and just hanging out till it’s time to come out. This was definitely the highlight of my week, month, third trimester, all of it! Next time we see this little girl, she will be in our arms and I absolutely cannot wait. My love exponentially grows every day, I just fall more and more and more in love with her ♥


Also, this past weekend we went and did our maternity shoot. So originally, I did NOT want to get maternity photos done. I just felt insecure and didn’t want really any documentation of this pregnancy… but then I slowly realized that I’ll only do this shin-dig like once or twice at most, and I want to document every little thing because one day I might want to reflect and also P might wanna know what I was like pregnant (it’s for her!). After some serious thought, I decided yes, I want to go get maternity photos, newborn, hospital photos ALL of it! I’m big on family photos and having lots of them so why stop now because of my own selfish insecurities?? Dumb. Anywho, I found an amazing photographer in the area and we had an amazing time doing out little photoshoot. We are still waiting on photos (which she is expecting to have back in 3-4 weeks, which is SUPER quick I think!!!) and then I will update with a maternity photoshoot post. Here’s a sneak peek of one of them!


Until next time loves… have a great week!



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