Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 30 weeks

Oops skipped a week, and I’m sorry but I am in finals week so this one is gonna be a short and sweet one too.. maybe.

Any who, Yay!! We are officially 30 weeks today! Start the countdown y’all, we only have 10 more weeks left. Thank goodness too because I am ready to be back at it in the gym, with my new little baby, and enjoying a cocktail here and there 😀

Here I am at 29 weeks on the left, and 30 weeks on the right.

How far along? 30 weeks.

Size of Baby Fox: Cabbage, Cucumber, just plain big.

Gender: Girl.

Weight Gain: 141. Officially at 26 lb weight gain. I was really concerned about my weight from my last appointment but yesterday we had an appointment and the doc said I’m doing perfect this month around. She expects a total of 35lbs from me, but to not exceed 40. I am hoping to stay at around 30lbs buuuut that’s like only 4 more pounds!!! We will see, as long as Princess P is happy and healthy.

Maternity Clothes: I finally went out and bought some cute little dresses that actually look good with my bump. Pants are starting to be annoying and well my baby shower is coming up and I needed something comfy for that! I won’t lie though, I am ready to get back into my normal yoga pants….. or any sort of pants….

Stretch Marks: No but these veins are looking questionable. I really don’t think I have any but sometimes I get nervous. I will keep this one updated.

I am still rocking my Bio-oil and Mama Butter. Those are a godsend. If you have an itchy belly, sides or back, don’t scratch it! Just rub some butter or oil on it and I promise it will go away. Plus I’m superstitious and I think that could cause more stretch marks lol.

Cravings: Watermelon. We finally have one, I’m just waiting to cut it.

Also, I still want an XL Chili Cheese Coney… *HUSBAND*

Anything make you sick or queasy?  No not at all! I eat anything and everything right now.

Ice cream

Miss anything: Being able to comfortably fit into a bathtub with the hubby. Currently, I need his help getting in and getting out. Poor guy.

Labor signs: Nope. I really don’t know where else to put this story so I’m going to put it in this section.

SO I did my dread diabetes glucose test thingy yesterday. It really wasn’t even that bad! I’ve heard horror stories about this stinking test and I was stressin. Maybe I should be stressing still because I don’t have my results yet, but the whole process wasn’t terrible.

So my appointment was in the afternoon which sucked because I wasn’t sure whether to fast or not, so in the morning I had 2 hard-boiled eggs with no hot sauce or ketchup or anything. Yuck, right!? Then right before my appointment I ran home to cook 2 more eggs and ate those with no salt, no pepper no nothing. Not as bad as the morning version. So by the time my appointment came around I was sleepy, hungry, and a little grouchy but usually just being around Bryan helps my mood.

Then we drove our little happy butts to the doc’s, and I ran over to the lab to start my test. I was so eager to start it and they were like “uuuh you gotta check in first crazy lady” so I finally did all that and then got set up for my test. The lab tech asked me which flavor, lemon lime or orange, and I asked her what she suggested (because well I didn’t flippin know what the hell to choose) and she told me that most ladies think the lemon lime tastes like sprite. LEMON LIME it is. She handed it to me, and said that I had 5 minutes to get this whole thing down.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I chugged that sucker in like 30 seconds. It wasn’t even bad, it kinda tasted like a sorta flat sprite SORTA. It did have a weird medicine, alcoholy taste to me but I didn’t care I wanted to see how fast I could chug it lol.The nurse was actually really impressed with me! She said “Most of these women get sick, complain, and some throw up right here in front of me.” NOT ME. I almost wanted a sticker! Then they said okay remember your time (which was 5:00) and then off I went to my normal appointment. Doc said everything looks good, my weight, blood pressure, tummy size, baby P’s heartbeat, everything is perfect. Yay! Did our usual appointment things, and then at 4:55 we ended and off to lab I went.

At the lab office the tech took 5 vile thingies of blood and that was it! No pain, no pinch, no nothing. I didn’t get sick, I didn’t feel whoozy or light headed. I felt fine. So now I wait to hear back… or not. If I don’t hear back that’s great, because that means no gestational diabetes for this gal, but if I do….. then more tests. FINGERS CROSSED xx.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Really good! I am excited to be on the downhill slope of this pregnancy and knowing there’s an end, and a beautiful baby girl!!! I cannot wait to hold her and love on her. Also, we have family coming into town this week and they always make me so happy!

Looking forward to: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday… all of it! Our family is coming to town!

Belly button in or out: Innie-Outtie.

Nursery: We hung some more things up! It’s so absolutely adorable but it’s still not quite finished. We have some more furniture pieces to get and I need to finish her mobile. Lots to do.

Movement: All the time. Some days I feel like I know where she is at, and I’m thinking “oh ya that’s definitely an elbow, or a butt, or whateverIthinkitis” but at the doctor today she told me she thinks she is head down. Which is great! However, we will confirm at our next appointment. Anyways, she is moving and wiggling but only when I’m by myself lol, anytime I talk about it or if I’m around people she’s a lazy baby.

Symptoms: Just recently developed some gnarly heartburn. Goodness this shit sucks.

Sleep: I have been surprisingly getting more and more uncomfortable and now my sleep is suffering. I don’t feel I fall into a deep sleep because I am constantly rotating from left to right and she also loves to kick and tumble at night so that helps.

Exercise: I’ve been okay. I’ve been doing the 2-3x a week thing but when I do workout I try my hardest to get a good sweat on and make it worth it. I’m pretty pleased with my workouts currently and my cardio amount. I always make it a point to at least do 20-30 minutes of cardio so that’s good.

Best moment this week: is to come, because we have so many loved ones coming into town!!! Our baby shower is this weekend as well and I absolutely cannot wait to be surrounded by our family and friends!

Oh! Also, I did have a really good moment. The hubby ordered me this amazing diaper bag/purse that I’ve been eyeballing for a couple months now (pretty much ever since I found out I was pregnant) and it finally came in and it’s beautiful, chic, and perfect for Princess P and Mama.

diaper bag
Ignore the crazy mess in the back!


Camera Roll Photo DUMP

BIG THANK YOU for the package from our second parents!!!



Processed with PICSPLAY
Easter Wreath I made!
3 yrs ago
3 yrs ago


How cute was I 3 years ago!? This was in Korea, at my first duty station, with all my good friends. We were pre-gaming and getting some food before going out downtown. I am pretty sure I was dating Bryan at the time but he had just moved to Germany I believe. I don’t exactly know. Anyways, here I was… pre-marriage, pre-baby, pre-wasted.

That’s all for this week friends! I hope you all have a great week! I’ll talk to you all soon and update with baby shower pictures 😀



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