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Bumpdate – 27 weeks 5 days

Hello friends!!! It’s the last week of the second trimester for us and I just want to say… I’m so freaking excited to get this baby outta me (healthy and happy of course) but out here so we can love on her and kiss her and squeeeeeze her… You know! This week has been amazing, I’m back to my old self and just enjoying these last weeks of pregnancy with the husband ♥

He know’s I love my mugs!!! SO SWEET
Our Valentine’s Day dinner 

27 Weeks

How far along? 27, feeling like 270 weeks. Also, I read a lot of other Mama-to-be blogs and it seems like everyone is soo close to having their little ones. I’m sooo excited and eager to be right there with them! **Congrats to you ladies!!** But I know, patience, I gotta let this little girl cook for a little longer 😀

Size of Baby Fox: Cauliflower, Bunch of bananas.

Side note: I was reading through another mama-blogger blog’s and her updates about baby’s size was so freaking cute. One day her baby was the size of chocolate bar, the next a taco, then a burger. THOSE ARE MY KIND OF UPDATES… not these random ass fruits and veggies that I rarely eat! lol

Gender: Lady

Weight Gain: I am back at 135.5 ish. This is good, because the doc was concerned about how big P-pot was getting. Basically, the bigger she gets the least likely I will be able to push her out. Keep in mind Bryan was 11.1lb NEWBORN. We are trying to avoid that here.

Maternity Clothes: So I made some modifications to my uniform. It was rather tight and it was seriously impacting my overall mood and how my days would start. Make sure you’re comfortable, my mood goes from -1000 to I’m a happy unicorn dancing on cotton candy clouds. I’m so serious. Anywho, no new maternity clothes… just enjoying the ones I have and still trying to fit into my small band tees that are holding on for life.

preggo expo

Stretch Marks: Nope but I think I’m going to start increasing how much lotions/oil I use because well I am getting closer to the phase where baby starts to quadruple in size.

Cravings: Sweeeeeeets. Allllllll da sweeeeeets. So bad. I call it a small win if I eat a meal without sweets with it. Like this breakfast… this was a win.


Anything make you sick or queasy?  Nothing this week. I had fajitas the other day and had some guac with it and it was OK. I wasn’t upset or grossed out by it, but I wasn’t asking for seconds. Small successes! Maybe avocados/guac and I  can be friends again… MAYBE.

Miss anything: Boozey booze, working out, being able to get out of my recliners without needing the hubby’s help, being able to easily do my business in the ladies room.

Labor signs: Absolutely not.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Pretty good. I seriously cannot explain the mood change once I got into pants that fit…. dude the changes it made. LOL.

Looking forward to: Valentine’s Day with my hubby. I love getting dressed up, him taking a shower, and us just going out and having dinner. He’s the sweetest.

Belly button in or out: Innie-Outtie.

Nursery: WE ARE CLEANING IT THIS WEEK I PROMISE. I need to. I want to get her nursery done!

****HUSBAND, if you are reading this… please please please, we need to finish P’s room. Help me with those hooks. Thank you I love you!****

I will update with pictures once we COMPLETELY finish it. Probably right before Princess P makes her entrance ♔

Movement: I finally got this girl on video! She is so incredibly shy when mama starts to film, but when I am nowhere near an iphone or ipad she kicks her heart out! Finally, I just poked and prodded enough and got in on camera!! It’s the smallest kick ever but you can actually see my belly move!

Symptoms: Uncomfortably tight skin. She’s stretching me for sure. Also, I got some shortness of breath this week. I was just sitting at work and my lower back started to throb a little, then I found myself out of breath for no reason at all. Random, but today I am much better (I swear it’s the pants yall).

Also, I think my feet might be swelling? I’m not sure.. the other day I had errands to run and I refused to put on boots or anything cute. I decided it was a Vans day for sure. Slip ons and preggo people = happy feet. I tried to take a snapshot of my shoes because they are so cute but my gigantic belly got in the way unless I kicked my legs out. I thought it was pretty hilarious because I’m such a hippo right now so I’ll post both pics 😀

My view of my feet lol
Me kicking my legs out 

Sleep: Pretty good actually, but I have noticed that I am so sleepy during the day and afternoon. This was a super symptom I had in my first trimester… soooo sleeeeeeepy. It’s probably from all the growing she is doing, or not. I’m not an expert.

Exercise: Uh, guilty. At the beginning of the week I am useless, but around Wednesday I usually get my ass into gear and start working out almost everyday. It’s about 3-4 times a week, but sometimes just 2 workouts when I’m reaaaaally lazy (which is often).

Here’s some snapshots of my whole 2 gym seshs….

27.1 weeks

27.2 weeks

Best moment this week: MOMENT #1: YALL.

My dad and my husband. Literally, these two men are the best men I could’ve ever asked for. They treat me so well and I don’t deserve either one of them (but I got them, and you both are stuck forever!!!) Anywho, I read somewhere that girls tend to marry men like their fathers and men tend to marry women who remind them of their mothers. That could totally be false and a joke BUT in our case it’s so true. Bryan is younger version of my dad in many ways. They think alike, they joke the same way, their personalities are insanely similar, and I love them both so much. My dad has definitely been the number one dad in the world, he has no flaws let me tell you (other than his crazy party drunk self that I cant handle while I’m preggos).

So back to the point, they both surprised me with a new laptop for my birthday which I needed. I had an old MacBook Air from 2011 and it was crapping out on me and wasn’t beastly enough for my applications and school. It was a huge gift, that I wasn’t expecting and they worked together to get this laptop and it really made me realize how loved and blessed and lucky I am to have them both.


Let me tell you.

I got a birthday package from my mama, and I bawled like a damn baby. BAD. I mean the whole works, loud obnoxious crying, uncontrollable snot, couldn’t catch my breath, Bryan stopped wiring his Xbox and ran over to me… it was bad. My mom hasn’t always been the sweetest mom, or a “bestie” or the “cool” mom, but she is absolutely perfect for me. She attempted to print out some old photos of me and her on photo paper but totally printed it out on the wrong side but it was beautiful and amazing. She’s this tiny, little Korean lady who doesn’t understand technology at all especially printers but she TRIED! and that meant so much to me. She doesn’t have much either and so when she sends me Korean snacks (some that are super questionable, and I probably won’t eat ever) I am so thankful and happy. She has really made me appreciate her as a mother, and being pregnant has really opened up my eyes to mothers all over. It’s hard being pregnant and I can’t imagine being a mom, and my poor mom had so much hell with me… gah, I am just so happy I got to have HER as MY mom.


Hubby made me a delicious birthday dinner and even got me red-velvet cupcakes for dessert. He can literally be an angel at times ♡

There’s plenty of more moments but I don’t wanna bore. This week has been very good to me. My family, my friends, my hubby, everybody has been so loving and has filled my heart to brim!!! Welp, I think that’s all for this week. It’s probably a long one but lots has happened this week and I just want to share all the details. I hope everybody had a wonderful, love-filled Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) and I’ll being talking to ya next week!




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