Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 26 weeks 3 days

It’s Friday!! Happy early-it’s-about-to-be-the-weekend! Friday’s are so awesome, work is super relaxed, the excitement of the weekend, the everything. Any who, we’ve been pretty busy over here. Setting up our home, furniture buying and whatnot, I broke our dishwasher, buying a new one, and just overall living. You know how that goes!

Also, this week has been a damn rollercoaster of emotions for us (us I mean me). Earlier in the week, I was so grumpy, moody, upset, just overall annoying and crybaby-esque, and I couldn’t get out of this funk. Luckily for me, I have an incredibly INCREDIBLY patient husband and still loving and helpful no matter how much of pain in the ass I’m being. Also, I got some early birthday presents (THANK YOU DADDY I LOVE YOU) this week that just reminded me how much I’m loved and how blessed I am… so enough of the pity party and sadness train!

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks and 3 days. Huge belly and all it’s glory. HUGE. Freaking. Belly.

Size of Baby Fox: As big as a head of lettuce, also the length of scallions? These are so ridiculous every damn time.

Gender: Lady

Weight Gain: 134 this morning, 140 at my doctors appointment Tuesday. This is something I need to watch, it’s creeping up a little too quick. This is most definitely my fault and a lack of self-awareness and control.  For these next couple of weeks, monitoring my diet and increasing my fitness has been scheduled a priority. Also, I would like to push my baby out of my vagina and that would be possible if I could try and avoid having a 12lb sumo wrestler baby.

Maternity Clothes: I try not to wear clothes, unless I have to, like work. Ugh I am so over my uniform. I sent this picture to my dad to show him my new stripes, and look how ridiculous my top fits. It barely covers my belly anymore. On the plus side, people keep telling me I’m all belly… aaaayyyy! 🙂

Staff Sgt

Stretch Marks: No. No. No.

Cravings: Sweets, carbs, anything terrible for you. XL Chili cheese coneys, pizza, wings, beer….. yuuuum beer.

Anything make you sick or queasy?  Avocados… yuuuck.

Miss anything: Lots of things, I don’t wanna list it because I will begin to just sound whiney.

Let me break this down here. Some girls LOVE pregnancy, they feel like they are glowing, they enjoy the belly growing, the stretch marks I mean “tiger stripes”, the changes, the everything.

I, Anna J Fox, do solemnly swear, that I do not enjoy pregnancy (GASP!! I’m sure someone somewhere is hating me right now). It’s okay, and I’m very, very lucky to be pregnant and I never take that for granted…. BUT I DO NOT LOVE THIS SHIT. I am ready for her to cook, be healthy and as perfect as can be, and then you can take this pregnancy shit back! The only reason why I’m doing this is for my little girl, and that is that! I’m not going to lie to you all, keeping it real.

Labor signs: Absolutely not.

Wedding rings on or off: On and wiggles.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Rollercoaster man. A damn rollercoaster. My poor husband.

Looking forward to: Is she born yet? I am looking forward to a beautiful, healthy P-pot to just make her arrival. I wish it was May 10 or May 11 and she was here. Also dinner. It’s cooking and smells

Belly button in or out: That weird half innie/half outtie. Gross picture to show yall. I know you wanted to see it! Didn’t you!

Your welcome for this gross picture.

Nursery: A wreck. A freaking wreck.

Movement: Pretty often. At my appt Tuesday, we confirmed that my baby is completely horizontal. Weirdo! Her head and upper body is on the left side of my body and her little butt and legs are on my right size. She is neither breach or head down right now. Hopefully she is trying to move. Maybe she is trying to get footing to flip, hence the little feet in my ribs. She is definitely stretching around though. Kicking mama’s ass every day.

26 week belly

Symptoms: B-wordy-ness. Can that be a symptom this week? I am stressed, uncomfortable, and just not a happy lady all the time. Some days are good and some days I am literally a toddler.

Sleep: Meh. I wake up to rotate probably 5-6 times a night.

Exercise: It’s alright. I am definitely so incredibly weak. I get winded and tired from everything. I did some cardio this morning, that I thought was low/moderate cardio, and I literally almost hurled. I couldn’t believe it. What is going on……………….. so over it.

Best moment this week: Turning in my hw on Sunday. I love that shit. When you are like.. yes another freaking week done, get outta my face stupid hw assignment. Little things make me happy right now, since I’m such a frump-grump this week.

Also cookies. I love cookies and they make me so incredibly happy. This is me, on my way to my appointment. The same appointment that my dr said I should watch how much sugar I’m consuming…. whoops.

No more cookies for me.


Thank you all for your support and coming and reading my blog, I apologize this week isn’t so chippy! I’m really trying to figure out what actual f is going on with me. I need to get these emotions in control, at least for my hubby’s sake. Well have a great, great weekend!! Enjoy the Super Bowl, or if you’re not into that… enjoy the Saturday and Sunday where you can sit in your pjs and eat hot pockets in your bed all day!

(and if you can’t do that… uh I’m sorry, come over here to the Fox household and let me show you a good time with my pjs and hot pockets! In a not weird-cheesy *haha see what I did there*-porno-sounding way… okay I’m just going to go)




4 thoughts on “Bumpdate – 26 weeks 3 days

  1. Ohh poor you. Don’t worry, no judgment here with the whole pregnancy hate. I didn’t dig it at all either, and I wanted to throat punch everyone who told me to enjoy it while I still could. The ONLY thing I really liked about pregnancy was the expectant mother parking. That was nice. Otherwise, pregnancy was a heartburn and nausea filled pain in the ass and I was so happy to be done with it the day I had my daughter. Hang in there, though. It’s all worth it. 😉

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  2. You’re not alone! People close to me look at me like I’ve just slapped them in the face when I reveal that I don’t love pregnancy. My mom loved pregnancy and so did/still does my little sister. I told my husband before all of this that I probably would get frustrated with slowing down. And I’ve definitely been frustrated, especially when “overdoing it” physically now is what I would have considered a normal day 6 months ago. As much as I’m looking forward to having my insides back, I’m looking forward to being in this kid’s life even more. It is the exciting and promising thought that keeps me moving ahead when I realize for the fifth time that day that I’m physically uncomfortable. Chin up! We’re through the majority of this!


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