Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 25 weeks 4 days

I’m sorry! I’ve totally slacked off these last two weeks and it’s for no reason other than I’m lazy, tired, and we were on vacation!! I feel bad but no worries, we are going to fix this right now and keep on with these updates. Hope everybody had a great week, I am finishing up my vacation now and will be back to normal life Monday…. gross. Anywho, let’s get started!

25 weeks
This was at our babymoon, hence the change of scenery.

How far along? 25 weeks and 4 days. Feeling reaaaaally pregnant. Also, people are starting to ask me when I’m due and how far I am. I also had one lady in Target tell me “It looks like you’re about to pop” -_- Nope, totally have like three more months to go.

Size of Baby Fox: Rutabaga (which is a veggie, totally had no idea what the heck that was), Cauliflower, and Napa Cabbage. Looks like she is a veg baby this week.

Gender: I don’t think I need to keep answering this every week, but I hope still girl 😀

Weight Gain: 134.2. I think this is a small win for me. The husband and I have been insanely cleaning up our diets… except today, today we ate a BBQ festival and our Domino’s just arrived hehe. Anywho, the husband and I have been eating yogurts, veggies, very few carbs late at night (breads, white rice, all that good shit) and we have noticed we aren’t as bloated and just plain GROSS feeling. Also, we came back from a badass vacation in which we ate a crap ton so we wanted to clean it up this week.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I got new pj’s from my Nana and she always buys the most comfy ones. I love love those button down tops, those are my fav!

Stretch Marks: None still, fingers crossed. Please P-pot don’t stretch out Mama’s belly anymore.

Cravings: Froyo, Smoothies, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper.. the usual.


Anything make you sick or queasy? YES. I am sad to say… I suddenly HATE and am utterly disturbed with guacamole… ☹ So sad. Anything that involves an avocado, I am not down with. Just learned that Thursday.

Miss anything: Yoga pants that aren’t pregnancy pants. Lululemon. Seeing my vagina. The basics.

Labor signs: Nope.

Wedding rings on or off: On and still can take them off okay.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Great. I am happy we got the chance to see our family, they literally make our year. We feel so lucky and blessed to have such big families and to be close to them all.

On our way to the airport! Hello Dallas!

Looking forward to: Next Saturday? Is it too early to be excited for next Saturday although it’s Saturday right now?

Belly button in or out: Still freaking weird, it’s like a half innie/half outie.

Nursery: Penny got a crap ton of more presents from the Texas family and it just so happens to be piling up in her room, on the floor, just cluttered as shit. No pics needed for this.

Movement: Same jabs here and there. I love it though, lets me know she’s alive and fierce. She took her first ride in airplane (slept the whole way, didn’t even freaking move once, best baby ever!), and then she also took her first ride in a Corvette (didn’t STOP moving the entire time). Don’t mind my super chunky fat face below… lol I’m pregnant, I can’t help the chubby face. Anyways, this was her first ride in the plane!

pennys first airplane ride

Symptoms: Back pain here and there, usually when we walk all day or I sit in a chair too long.

Sleep: Pretty good still. Thank you baby!

Exercise: Fitness entire donut into my mouth. That is all. No fitness has been done really. I occasionally do an ab routine here and there, just to help for labor and prevent the diastasis recti or whatever it is! You know where your abs split… ah!

Best moment this week: Our babymoon. The hubby and I finally got to take a small babymoon where we just cozied up with each other and enjoyed traveling without a baby for the last time. It was amazing, romantic, sexy, and surrounded with pure silence (minus the occasional snore from him).

Also, I’d have to say we had a pretty phenomenal week, we celebrated the hubby’s birthday (yay! another older and another year for me to eff with him), we celebrated family time, and we just got to relax. It was amazing. Side note: Bryan got the chance to feed a giraffe today… he’s never done that before!! Like where has he been???

bryan bday bryangiraffe

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this late (but not as late as the last one) bumpdate. Things are going well with my pregnancy and I’m enjoying it more and more, however, there are days when I feel like Randy…. but that’s okay. It’s for my little P-pot. Love yall, have a fantastic weekend.




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