Bumpdate – 24 weeks (LATE POST)


How far along? 24 weeks today!! I think we can officially say we are 6 months. In just three little months I will have my mini!

Size of Baby Fox: Cantaloupe. YIKES.

Gender: Little lady still, I hope 🙂

Weight Gain: 135. I have officially put on 20 lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy. Uuuugggghhhhh I still have more weight to put on. The doc says 35-40 but I seriously don’t know WHERE that weight is going to go.

Maternity Clothes: Same-o.

Stretch Marks: I guess not. Everytime I think I see a new one, I run over to the husband, and he verifies… “just veins babe” then this week I got “I don’t think you know what stretch marks look like…”

Cravings: Fruit smoothies. Like this one, that I HAD TO MAKE after my workout.


Anything make you sick or queasy? Still salads. Which is weird, and it’s only sometimes. Depends on my mood I guess.

Miss anything: The usual, just fitting into normal clothes and not running my belly into things.

Labor signs: No thanks.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Okay, I go through my hormonal swings and normal every day emotions. I get really sensitive to things and comments that Bryan makes that normally wouldn’t bug me. Yay hormones.

Looking forward to: Being in Dallas. Is it time yet???

Belly button in or out: Even more closer to poking out. SO WEIRD.

Nursery: Got some wall decor up! Yay, it’s turning a little more girly everyday. I love it!!

Movement: Her new thing is jabbing a foot or arm IN MY RIBS. She’s been doing that at least a couple times a day, she’s probably just running out of room. I find myself out of breath when she moves too.

Symptoms: Nothing this week, I have noticed possibly an increase in how much I have to pee.

Sleep: Okay, some nights I’m restless and other nights I sleep like a baby.


Exercise: Trying to get into a routine but it can be hard being so preggos and the doc said no weights but today I lifted a little bit and it felt SO GOOD!

Best moment this week: My girls day with my ladies, we got pedicures, had some pho, and painted. It was a much needed ladies day!


Well we will be visiting family this week so I will be documenting and blogging I’m sure. Have a fantastic week everyone, I know we will be. The hubby turns the big 3-2. Can’t wait. Love yaaaalllllll.



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