Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 23 weeks and 2 days!

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Silhouette photo ❤

How far along? 23 Weeks and 2 days.

Size of Baby Fox: Grapefruit or papaya. Lol these ALL VARY IN SIZE, but I get the idea.

Gender: Little lady

Weight Gain: 132. It looks like I am gaining about a pound a week like the doctor said I would. Insane, this is insane!

Maternity Clothes: My uniform top is not currently maternity, but it is a bigger size. Now it looks like I’m going to have to invest in a maternity uniform top. It’s got these side buttons that extends the belly. I’ll take a picture once I get one. Bottom line… it’s not cute.

Stretch Marks: I think I might have one? Or a vein. It looks more like a really dark vein… Imma watch it and see. I about died, I knew I couldn’t avoid it but noooooooooooooooo.

Cravings: This week has been funnel cake, banana splits, and smoothies. Sweets! Thank you baby girl.

Anything make you sick or queasy? Yes!! Surprisingly, I think I overdid my salad kick and now I absolutely do not want them! They are all weird and cold, and crunch in my mouth, and yuck. I don’t know what’s going on in this pregnancy brain. They are weirdly grossing me out, and I normally love salads. So weird. and. gross.

Miss anything: I’m not too bad this week. I actually have enjoyed this last week of pregnancy. I love my bump right now and I love everything about it. UPDATE: Today is now Thursday and I’ve had 3 full on crying fits for no apparent reason. I miss being normal and not crying at every commercial, piece of toast I drop, new pimple, and bad hair days. I can sometimes be a tyrannosaurus-RECK. Thank you hubby for dealing with me.

Labor signs: No, BUT I started getting lower ab pain, it started off dull then became increasingly more annoying. So because of those I googled Braxton Hicks because I was nervous but it wasn’t anything like that. I think Penny was just sitting really low and I was dehydrated!

Girls, if you are preggos (which I know a couple are), STAY ON YOUR WATER!!! It’s so so important and I can’t stress how much better I feel within hours if I just chug a couple of glasses of water. Now, that’s not the fix, you should stay hydrated all day so drink 8-12 glasses a day, but it seriously relieves my back pain, lower ab, lower belly tightness, headaches and really any issue I have. I couldn’t believe it. My pain went from pretty dang annoying to completely healed and I could walk on water (except I couldn’t, because I’m looking like Free Willy over here and I would totally drown, and no Penny doesn’t provide me any buoyancy).


Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Happy. First day of school was Monday. Got my shit done all on Monday! Small wins.

Looking forward to: LEAVE (for any of my non-military readers, it means VACATION) We are finally confirmed on our way to good ol Texas ❤

Belly button in or out: In but it is weirdly getting smaller and smaller. I think it’s thinking about poking out. One side of my belly button is starting to stick out for some reason… just the left side. Weird.

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Nursery: The hubby put up Penny’s curtains and they look so sweet. I also did some damage in Hobby Lobby and got some artsy-fartsy things to finish P’s nursery!! It will be coming together.

Movement: Same, I notice it more when I lay on my sides or sit in a chair. She’s a bouncy bubbly baby girl!

Symptoms: Other then those weird lower belly aches, no control over my emotions, and constantly hungry, Nope!

Sleep: Aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing, like a fat fat baby or cute little puppy lol. You know why? Because we finally finally put up blackout curtains in our bedroom. It eliminates the light and I love!! Kind of a stinker investment, but once it’s done, it’s so worth it. I highly highly recommend yall.

Exercise: I got a new pedometer this week and since the doc said no more weights, I’m stepping up my walking game. Monday morning, I woke up and walked 1.75 miles, my goal was just to walk for at least 20 min and I did 30! Slow and easy.

Best moment this week: Finding out my leave was approved and me and the husband are so close to seeing our family!

The week is almost over everyone, just one more day!!!




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