Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 22 Weeks
DJ Khaled please don’t get mad at me for borrowing your face, it’s just worked out so perfectly for this meme!


22 weeks comparison
21 weeks VS 22 weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks

Size of Baby Fox: Size of a spaghetti squash! HUGE dude. My baby is huge. Not really, but she is officially over 1 lb. Keep growing little Pee-pot ❤

Gender: A princess named Penelope!

Weight Gain: 131. No comment.

Maternity Clothes: Yaaas girl, and I got some cute things that are still my style. I don’t really know what my style is, or how to describe it to you but it’s currently revolved around COMFORT. Flannels, flippy floppies, chucks, leggings, or plain tee’s.

Errands Day

Some of the tees and flannels I’ve been loving.

Processed with PICSPLAY
Date night

I also love to mix and match maternity with non-maternity clothing. Oversized dress shirts with some leather pants (leggings HA), or just some nice straight leg denims always look polished and are SUPER comfy.

Stretch Marks: No, but my baby center app told me I’m probably going to get some this week. What an asshole. Why would you tell me that!? What a way to start my morning… but really. I’ve been trying my stinkin hardest to avoid these stretch marks. I am still praising the skin gods because I haven’t gotten them yet, but every time I say that I am terrified I jinxed myself.

Cravings: Banana splits. Yum, and cocktails. Fruity delish cocktails. Really anything sweet. I’ve been making cinnamon rolls from SCRATCH every Sunday for the hubs… and me. 🙂

This is before all the yummy icing that coated these puppies!

Anything make you sick or queasy? Nope yay.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my back. I sleep like a vampire, on my back, completed tucked into my blankets on both sides of my body, arms crossed on my chest. The works.

Labor signs: No no no no no no.

Wedding rings on or off: On and it better stay there please.

Happy/Moody/Sad? Happy for the most part, but school is starting again… work is getting busy… I’m not excited for these busy days. However, we also have lots of exciting appointments, packages coming and baby gear to buy! So that makes me excited again.

Looking forward to: Seeing the Dallas family!! Annnnnyyyy day nowww.

Belly button in or out: In and it doesn’t appear to ever want to stick out and I’m okay with that. You just stay in there little belly button.

Nursery: Lots of new girly things. I finally got Penny a rug, blackout curtains and some more wall décor. Will update with photos, promise.

Movement: Definitely kicks and movement, now the hubby is able to feel her at night.

Symptoms: Got rid of that sick cold, so now I’m great!

Sleep: It’s pretty great. I wake up to pee of course, but I just zombie walk to the restroom, do my lady business, and zombie back into bed and snuggle with the hubs, then it’s back to zzzz-land.

Exercise: Light light workouts. That’s another I miss. Add this to the top part, I miss being able to exercise like I used to. Feeling sore, lifting heavy. Now my chubby butt is sitting on a bouncy ball, shoulder pressing 5lb dumbbells. Doctors orders… no weight heavier than 5 lbs. 😦

Oh Mondayssss

Best moment this week: My hubby let me go to Target BY MYSELF this past weekend. If yall know him, he doesn’t like that shit. Target + ME + unlimited time = sad/mad/furious/scary husband and empty little bank account.

Anyways, I hope yall are having a good week so far!! siggy


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