New Years Resolutions.. bah humbug

Here it is. The last damn day of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for a new year, because that means another day alive, another day I get to spend with my handsome husband, and another day closer to being with my Penelope. Those are all wonderful reasons, buuuuuut I am not one of those girls who gets all excited about the New Year with all my resolutions and goals I will “achieve” in 2016. Now the husband on the other hand, HE IS ALL ABOUT writing down resolutions and goals, and you know what, he is pretty damn good about it too! When he physically makes a list of things he wants to do, he freaking gets shit done. So here we are, 8:28 am…. I’m barely functioning and just trying to keep my eyeballs awake and the husband asks me if I have my list ready (totally not ready at all…).


So after hours of fiddling and fartin around here it is:

  • Finish this damn bachelors degree – I’m so close (like 4 whole classes) but a newborn is also so close.


  • AT THE VERY LEAST, completely finish decorating my living room. I mean completely, to include wall décor, pictures, lamps, throws, and candles!


  • Teach/educate the husband about every Disney princess there ever was and is so he is fully prepared when Penelope quizzes him.


  • Start/FINISH Penelope’s flower wall décor for her nursery – that sorta has a deadline of uuuuhh MAY (when she is due).


  • Get my pre-baby body back – NOW LISTEN UP, I say this carefully because yes I know fitness goals as new years resolutions are lame and constantly done and blah blah blah. However, pre-baby body is reasonable, I’m not saying I want my competition body (hardcore obliques, biceps that make Arnold sad, or a booty that looks fairly similar to a peach) BUT I would like to be slim and fit. Also, I’d like to be able to walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m going to have a dang asthma attack 🙂


  • Continue with this blog – even if I decide blogging isn’t my thing, I want to commit to at least 1 yr of keeping it up to date. Also, it’s great way to track my little Peeeee’s progess.


so now that, THATS over

let’s talk about how blessed and absolutely perfect 2015 was for me.


Started January with a HUSBAND and a new haircut! Chopped off my locks.

Feb 13Visited Dachau in Feb

March 5

Honeymooned in Africa!

April 22

May 24

Moved to Florida at the end of March and met my amazing friends!

May 31

Also got to visit my sister for the first time since my wedding! Now I get to see her every couple of months!!

Tried out acroyoga for the first time in June

July 12

Beginning of June, we ziplined the Brevard Zoo for 4 hours! It was amazing

July 26July 26.bCompeted in my first bodybuilding competition in July, got 2nd place baby!

July 27

Also, got to do my first Fitness photo shoot in July.

Aug 15

In August, we went to Disney World for the first time in my entire life.

Aug 20.b

Also, in August I got selected for promotion!

Aug 28

We also become HOMEOWNERS.

Sep 7

In September, I went to Moe’s Tavern for the first time and had a DUFF beer. Yes I was pregnant, no I didn’t know. The doctors assured me it was okay but no more drinking for me after that!

I also experimented with my crafty/artsy fartsy ness..

Oct 31

October, I got to dress up with my friends as one of my favorite cartoons Adventure Time with Jake and Finn.

Nov 2

November, we announced about our sweet little Penelope after we had made it out of the first trimester!

Nov 20

In Nov, I also completed ALS (Airmen Leadership School) and met some amazing girlies who are still my ride or dies 🙂 Love yall.

Dec 5

December, Celebrated my first anniversary with my handsome husband! We made it a whole dang year and to many many more.

Dec 24

Finally, figuring out our Baby Fox was a Baby Penelope Joyce Fox who we cant wait to meet and kiss and love and squeeze and well you get it.

So overall,

2015 was damn good to me. DAMN GOOD. I was incredibly fortunate this year and many great events happened. Since it was so dang good, I have high hopes and expectations for 2016. So my tip to anyone who wants to hear it, don’t get caught up in these silly resolutions but instead just strive to make the new year as good/BETTER than the last one. I’ve made my attempt of a list, but I am more focused on developing myself, loving my family harder, and just trying to trump the fuck out of 2015.



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