Baby Fox

Gender Reveal Myths


Well you need to. It definitely moved up to my TOP 3 movies list of all time! The hubs and I were so excited to see it, we took a super lame picture in our Star Wars tee’s. Lame but cute right??

Star Wars FTW

So we are almost to that halfway point (20 weeks) and we have patiently been waiting to find out Baby Fox’s gender. Our appointment is the 21st and we will actually only be revealing to family on Christmas Eve (first) and then we will decide when to tell friends and everybody else. We might not be able to hold it back after Christmas Eve 🙂

Anywho, throughout my pregnancy I have heard “Oh that’s definitely a boy” and “Oh my gosh, no way, you are totally having a girl, I just feel it” and lots of other predictions. I love them all and I know they are in good fun so I thought it would be fun to also post those gender myths here and lets see what they predict for us.

Also, what do you all think?? Boy or girl?? We both obviously don’t mind which gender the baby is, but we are excited to not call the baby, Baby anymore haha.

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Little man or little lady??

Myth 1: Highs and Lows – this myth focuses on the belly and whether I am holding high (baby girl) or low (baby boy). What do you think?

Last weeks progress.

Results: I can’t tell. Let’s say… boy.

Myth 2: Heartbeat – according to this old school myth, if the babies heartbeat is 140 beats per minute or above, we are having a girl. If it is below 140, then we are having a boy.

Our baby was at 160 something.

Results: Girl.

Myth 3: Sweet and Sour – apparently, if the mama is craving sweets then it’s sure sign of a sweet baby girl, but if she is craving salty/sour things then it’s a boy.

Does spicy count? I love anything and everything salty/sour-y and downright spicy!

Results: Boy.

Myth 4: Chinese Birth Chart – with this chart, it takes the age of the mama and the month of conception in order to find out the gender. This thing reminds me of a dang times table chart ☺

So I am 24 and the month we conceived is August so we are predicting…

Results: Girl.

Myth 5: Drano Pee-pee Test – this test is hilarious to me. I am not sure why, probably because it is just so out there but you are supposed to pee in a cup, then mix 1 tbsp of Drano in with your pee. If your science experiment turns green then you have a girl, if it turns blue then boy.


Results: So mine didn’t do anything but fizz like a beer. No color change so = girl.

Myth 6: Pizza face – If the mama has a ton of breakouts and zits galore, you’re baby girl is stealing your beauty.

During my pregnancy, especially my 1st trimester, I broke out so bad. It was worse than my high school time.  No picture is needed for this yall.

Results: Girl.

Myth 7: Wedding Ring Test – Another random one. The object of this test is to take off your wedding ring, tie it to a string and hang it above your belly. If it swings in a circle, then you are having a girl. If it swings back and forth, then a boy.


This test to me was another outrageous one… How in the hell does this show what gender my baby is?? Does my baby magically swing the ring? What about people out of wedlock? Makes no sense, haha but it was fun!


Results: Ours swayed back and forth so that meant Boy.

Myth 8: Morning Sickness – This test claims if the mama has morning sickness during her pregnancy, then expect a baby girl. If the mama has little to no sickness then a boy.

LUCKY ME!!! I have none, zip, nada, ZERO morning sickness so far and I am almost halfway. So hopefully it stays like that too!

Results: Boy.

Myth 9: Partner Pregnancy Weight – This myth claims if your partner gains weight during pregnancy as well, you are expected to have a boy.

Bryan has his ups and downs, but I think he has put on at least 1 lb or so. He’s suddenly trying to lose it (and has successfully lost most of it).

Results: Boy.



Boy = 5 out of 9

Girl = 4 out of 9

So according to these ol wives tales, we are to have a bouncing baby boy. We will only see…… Honestly, I do not care what you are baby, as long as you love to snuggle and cuddle with your mama ❤

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Waiting for my snuggle bug


Thanks for reading my loves! Have a wonderful day.






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