Baby Fox

Bumpdate – 19 Weeks

Hellllooooooooo friends! Here’s another wonderful bump update. I hope yall enjoy 🙂


How far along? 19 Weeks 1 day.

Size of Baby Fox: Size of a tomato? Another app said mango (again) The belly seems to be getting more upright and round now.

Gender: Unknown, until December 21st! Sooo close! Gender Myths post coming soon……

Weight Gain: I started at 115 pre-pregnancy/post competition. Today I weigh 127.5lbs from 126.8lbs last week. Hopefully all of that weight stays in the belly and booty, I’m terrified that my face is getting a little more chunky!!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Does it look chunky? Minus my chubby cheeks!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and I finally got some thaaaangs. My advice, splurge on 1 good comfy pair of jeans. I tried for the longest time to just live in leggings or a dress, but …. Dude, I just wanted to sometimes wear a damn t shirt and jeans. Finally, I splurged and got a good fitting pair and one that didn’t give me “mom butt.”

NOTE: Mom butt can be cute, and if yall are rocking mom butt, GO ON WITCHA BAD SELF girl! Me, not so cute. Probably because I am a midget and it just distorts my body. Anywho, mom butt to me is where the back pockets of the jeans are like on the center of your ass cheek. To me, the damn pocket does not go there!

Stretch Marks: None yet still, but my belly is getting itchy like crazy! You can see what products I’m loving to help with stretch marks here.

Belly button in or out: In

Nursery: No update but I want to start hanging some wall things. Crib post here.

Movement: I think I’m feeling kicks! Almost for sure! The baby kicks at night for a random 5 minutes straight and then is sleepy and silent for the rest of the night. Lazy lil thing.

Symptoms: Nothing new, still loving spicy and still growing belly.

Sleep: Like a baby still! I love this sleep and am trying to take full advantage of it now because I know we will not be getting very much sleep once baby gets here.

Exercise: Leg day today! Lots of squats, lunges, and I’ve been trying to up my cardio. I’m starting to see myself get a little larger and it makes me nervous (although yes yes I know I’m preggo’s) so I’ve been staying on top of my fitness as much as I can. Also, I haven’t really been watching what I’ve been eating so I need to keep my fitness up!!!


Best moment this week: Christmas Party! Getting to hang out with friends and enjoying everybody…. oh and the endless amounts of Shirley Temple’s I drank 🙂

Cravings: Still spicy, and still lots of noodles. So Asian of me, I know. Lately, I’ve been eating tons of pizza (deep dish of course) and wings. Oh so healthy!!



Anything make you sick or queasy? Nothing this week, I am incredibly blessed to have not had any sickness at all. Thank you baby!

Miss anything: Tequila… lots and lots of tequila.

Labor signs: No, no, no!!!

Wedding rings on or off: On and still some wiggle room!

Happy/Moody/Sad? Incredibly happy, and so excited to find out baby’s gender!!! Is it Monday yet?!?

Looking forward to: Star Wars. Gender and I get to see my little baby on Monday!!


SHORT and SWEET this week. Like me 🙂 Have a fantastic hump day yall!



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