Baby Room – Crib Before and After

Happy Sunday yall! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We sure did, we had a beeeeeeeeeee-zy weekend between Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and just overall getting ready for the holidays 🙂 Amongst all those wonderful things, the hubs and I finally picked up Baby Fox’s crib! We ordered it a while back from Babies R Us but had to wait for the delivery and it feels like it took forever, BUT IT’S HERE! Yay!!

So originally, the hubs wanted to pay $200 or whatever dollars to have it built by a third-party service, but I somehow managed to sweet talk that man into building it himself…. yiiiiiikes!

That man… never ever ever ceases to amaze me. He is so incredibly smart, handy, and he isn’t too bad to look at either 💓 Anyways, we started the 3-4 hr task of building this crib, and of course I tried to help by getting in his way and taking tons of pictures.

At this point, I was just in the way. We originally thought putting a sheet down would help us slide the crib around. Wrong. Oh so wrong. It was just really annoying and in the way. Eventually we tossed it.

Crib 4
Hubby working hard, me hardly working 

Success!! It seemed pretty damn sturdy and it was starting to look like an actual crib! Holy shit, who would’ve thought that we would be able to build this thing…… (mostly him… actually, it was all him)☺ Also, nothing is more sexier than a man building things, I was so incredibly impressed and amazed by my husband. Now I want him to build me a shed, a garden, maybe he can lay down some concrete and get us a pool!!! Aaahh, a girl can dream right?

Crib 5

Crib 6
My mini appearance of building and sitting (mostly sitting)

And finally, we almost had a dang crib! We were just finishing the drawers, which we rebuilt 2-3 times each…

***NOTE*** The dang wheelie thing goes towards the back of the drawers

Crib 7

TA-DA! We (he) did it!!! We built Baby Fox’s crib. We still need to get the mattress and mobile and cutesy things but we got the main thing built! It wasn’t too bad, and definitely not worth the $200 in “building” fees or whatever. I totally recommend yall try to build it yourself. Anyways, that was the end of our Sunday, now we are lazily sitting in our recliners watching the football game. I will have an updated baby room tour once everything is in place. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!





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