Chapter 1. The Beginning

Hi, welcome!


I’m Anna and I’m starting this new bloggie adventure because there are tons of changes developing lately, and I want to document them all! I hope you enjoy my travels through adulthood, motherhood, and just overall life in general as I share them with you.

This blog will encompass my lifestyle, cooking successes and fails, fashion, hair/makeup tips & tricks, crafts, and fitness… probably TONS of fitness! Fitness has been a huge success and motivation in my life, and I think I have some good tips that I’d love to share and ALSO get other’s points of view on.

Before my first bikini competition… yowza!


Anna Fox
Married to my best friend and biggest competitor (in ANYTHING)
Baby #1 on the way
Beach living… yaaaas girl!

Yoga pants, comfy couches, big Texas hair, organization, baking, sweet tea, date nights, new pumps, fitness, crafts, and just having FUN in everything I do!

Uniforms, hangovers, beets, potholes, rude/disrespectful people, oh and LIARS.

Me in a nutshell

Please let me know in the comments below if you want to request a topic!




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